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The page with the “Watchman” on the castle wall gives the basic bullet points. In simpler terms, the vision was to actively intercede (true spiritual “warriors”) for our President and our nation. You don’t need me to tell you of the division taking place since November 2016 – it was a complete smackdown of the Prince of Darkness. From my private time with the Lord, I believe Satan made a promise to his followers (slaves of witches, warlocks, High Priest, etc.) that HRC would be elected therein continuing the moral debauchery our nation experienced under the previous Administration(s). Yes, Administrations. Then, and now, we heard nothing from the ecumenical community – silence. Prayerfully we can do better for our President and America “the beautiful.”

Our President needs our prayers as never before. Besides the “verified” attempts on his life the push to have him impeached is legitimate (all Democrats and many Republicans in both House and Senate). The Lord had me praying for him late into the night and early morning for nearly a week. He is surrounded by “creatures within the swamp”, has few that are loyal and you can count on one hand those that give good advice. Good, I did not necessarily say Godly or Holy Spirit inspired. Secondly, the next few months and 2020 are going to be reminiscent of the 60’s and early 70’s – discord, mayhem and thugs (Antifa, etc.) paid to wreak havoc. Don’t believe me, try wearing a Trump hat on any college campus or on main street in major cities.

Thus, we pray for the President and our (still) amazing nation. In love, reminding hardworking men and women of our moral foundation (Judeo-Christian) established by the Founding Fathers and sounding the alarm (Shofar) for emergency prayer and activism in any area of the country. Thank you for those that have participated and hopefully others that will eventually join the spiritual “War” the NWC is leading. While we are not a 501 (c) 3 organization, as in the Book of Acts, I pray that potential donors will give because they believe in the vision and mission of the NWC. We will not use gimmicks, anointed handkerchiefs, proven emotional appeals or the “robbing God” guilt offering for support, we simply ask those to give what they can if they choose to donate. Address is on the last slide of the NWC.

God bless each of you (your families) and the U.S.A.

Jim Stockstill

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