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A Double Standard of Justice

By Jeff Crouere “It seems there is a clear double standard of justice in this country. For example, the impeachment of the President has been moving at lightning speed, while the nation has been waiting for months for the Inspector ...

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Little Michael is Trump’s Ideal Opponent

By Jeff Crouere “A potential Bloomberg entrance into the race is certainly not worrying President Donald Trump who said that he ‘doesn’t have the magic to do well.’ According to the President, ‘Little Michael will fail…he has some personal problems…there ...

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Are You Ready for President Pelosi?

By Joe Newby “But that’s given wing to those on the left that think it might be possible to take out both Trump and Pence and get President Pelosi.”   The November 25, 2019 cover of the liberal “Newsweek” magazine ...

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The Leftist Cabal’s Most Outrageous Crime Yet

By Greg Holt “There is much talk today about controlling “the narrative.”  What is the narrative but a collection of words?  Words that convey meaning and therefore are imbued with considerable power.  Controlling the narrative means controlling the opinion of ...

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Trump VS. CNN

By Jeff Crouere “CNN has become a disgraceful exercise in liberal advocacy while claiming to be a network of “truth seekers.” Fortunately, thanks to Project Veritas, CNN is finally being exposed for their hypocrisy and unfairness.”   On Friday, President ...

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