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The Trump/Russia Rerun Never Ends on MSNBC

By Jeff Crouere For over three years, the liberal media, especially MSNBC, have been advancing the phony Trump/Russia collusion narrative. Initially, it was hyped to destroy the Trump campaign, then it was promoted to destroy the Trump administration. The problem ...

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Trump Enjoys Best Week Ever

By Jeff Crouere In the past week, President Donald Trump has enjoyed an incredible stretch of good news. In fact, it has been his best week since he entered the presidential race in 2015. The highlight of the week was ...

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Et tu Tucker?

By Jeff Crouere Any American who follows the news coverage of President Trump knows that the mainstream media is completely opposed to him. Their coverage of his administration is biased, relentlessly negative and needlessly nasty. These haters could not even ...

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Democrats Hoping for Another Anita Hill

By Jeff Crouere During this age of Trump Derangement Syndrome, Democrats sink to new levels of lunacy every day. As Congresswoman Maxine Waters (D-CA) continues to encourage liberals to harass Trump administration officials and supporters, several crazed activists have gone too ...

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The Impeachment Insanity

By Jeff Crouere In our nation’s history, only two U.S. Presidents have been impeached by the House of Representatives: Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton. Both remained in office, surviving a trial in the U.S. Senate. Of course, President Richard Nixon resigned ...

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