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“I See Dead People”

By C.J. “I see dead people” yes I borrowed that quote from the movie. But that is just what I am being shown in regards to the church of today as a whole. Well, wow just wow is all I ...

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We’d Best Get Busy and Be Ready

By Rob Pue There are many times I find myself wishing I didn’t know what I know.  Many days I wish I could just be a “normal” church-going Christian living in ignorant bliss, attending church dutifully, and not concerning myself with the outside ...

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Notions So Outrageous Only a Pseudo Intellectual Would Believe Them!

By Don Boys, Ph.D. http://donboys.cstnews.com/notions-so-outrageous-only-a-pseudo-intellectual-would-believe-them George Orwell declared, “There are notions so foolish that only an intellectual will believe them.” Make that pseudo intellectual. The following consists of incredible, outrageous practices revealed by the media that some will wonder if normal people ...

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