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Is Transgender Therapy Medical Quackery! 

By Don Boys, Ph.D. http://donboys.cstnews.com/is-transgender-therapy-medical-quackery To preempt the quick response from the LGBTQ crowd and others, I am not referring to people who are born with biological abnormality such as hermaphrodites who are born with malformed, sexually ambiguous genitalia, or both ...

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From Christian School to Public School to LGBTQ

by Rev. Austin Miles ANTIOCH 6/5/16–When Trevor Dunning first entered the Trinity Christian School speech class, he was personally greeted, as each student was, and a few words of welcome were exchanged.  He stood out with his solid physique, along with a soft intense face. ...

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Heart to Heart Talk with Transgender

by Rev. Austin Miles ANTIOCH 5/31/16–The mysterious message was delivered to my post office box. It had no return address or anything identifying the sender on the plain letter-sized envelope. With hesitation I opened it and found an unsigned type-written ...

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