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Sing a Little Louder

By Lyle Rapacki Our country has fallen victim to the bully of political correctness and progressive/repressive Socialist agenda’s put forward by haters of anti-American principles and values as established by our Forefathers.   I wrote the below commentary nearly four ...

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The National War Council: A Video Introduction

Blessings, Joseph “Jim” Stockstill  The Unknown Prophet in Texas “National War Council” – Chairman, Formation Committee Dallas Metroplex war.council@yahoo.com PayPal.Me/warcouncil   “For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty through God…” II Corinthians 10:4    

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Greasing the Skids Toward Socialism?

By Jerry Newcombe, D.Min. Land notes that they are thinking of socialism as just being “share and share alike.” But that’s not what it is. In socialism, the state becomes god.   One fallout of the Covid-19 crisis is its ...

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The Communists Lied and the People Died

By Jerry Newcombe, D.Min. China hid it….Even to this present day, they are still hiding what they know about the virus. And yet millions of Americans are ready to blame President Trump for the virus crisis.   Worldviews have consequences. ...

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The Democrat Shout Fest Drowns Debate!

by Rev. Austin Miles “This debate was simply a cacophony of scrambled voices that squelched any legitimate points to be made. The speakers called each other “liars,” yelled out contradictions to what was being said,  and making the whole thing ...

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America is ONLY One Election Away From Socialism!

By Don Boys, Ph.D. “Americans turned to the Democrats for their salvation; their savior was President Franklin D. Roosevelt (FDR). The leftist president signed the New Deal into law creating 42 new government agencies. The most long-lasting result of the Great Depression was ...

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