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Legitimate Questions for Muslim Members of Congress!

By Don Boys, Ph.D. http://donboys.cstnews.com/legitimate-questions-for-muslim-members-of-congress I was always taught that honest, decent, civilized people could discuss any issue and remain calm, civil, and cordial; however, in recent years those on the left refuse to dialog or defend their outrageous beliefs ...

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What Will Islam Do to America? Look at European Cities!

By Don Boys, Ph.D. http://donboys.cstnews.com/what-will-islam-do-to-america-look-at-european-cities Ben Franklin in the 1750s voiced concern over too many Germans arriving in Pennsylvania and even commented on their “swarthy complexion.” Germans call it Uberfremdung or “overforeignization.” It’s a fear that their homeland will be changed to ...

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