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Animal Book Author Flayed by Hunter

by Rev. Austin Miles A Mike Naye contacted me criticizing my book, God and Animals, after only looking at a couple of free paragraphs shown by Amazon, stating that my misguided ramblings about animals come from emotion. Well yeah! Only human beings have ...

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MilesTones-Growing Old is a Better Option

by Rev. Austin Miles The problem with growing old is that just when you get your mind straightened out, your body falls apart.  Growing old can be hectic but it’s still the best alternative. One thing I have especially learned is this: AGING is ...

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Letters-We Get Letters + MilesTones 

by Rev. Austin Miles If you are thinking of becoming a journalist or author, be prepared to automatically receive many letters offering opinions and ideas. Each day this writer faces 2-3 thousand emails, which of course makes it impossible to ...

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Personal Note to my Faithful Readers

by Rev. Austin Miles ANTIOCH 10/1/16—Early this evening, another spectacular California sunset threw it’s arms around the state. From my backyard patio, shielded from the outside world by a rustic wooden plank fence, I watched God’s brilliant light show. Majestically, ...

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