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Segregation and Slavery Not Simply Southern Sins!

By Don Boys, Ph.D. It is the business of each city and state to decide about monument removal or not—not outside black or white activists. http://donboys.cstnews.com/segregation-and-slavery-not-simply-southern-sins For weeks, angry Americans have vented their frustration, anger, fear, and even hated of ...

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Business Photos of Black Owners YANKED!! 

By Rev. Austin Miles This empty-headed race war, choreographed by Democrat Communists to weaken America, has now passed the mark of ridiculousness.   The packaging of Aunt Jemima’s Pancake mix has just been ordered changed, to redo ads that has ...

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If Whites Are Proud of Being White, Is That White Supremacy?

By Don Boys, Ph.D. “Radical leftists are painting everyone who doesn’t swallow their leftist propaganda as racists! We need to return to when each race is proud of its heritage and culture without denigrating, despising, and destroying others.”   http://donboys.cstnews.com/if-whites-are-proud-of-being-white-is-that-white-supremacy ...

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What is Proof of Being a White Supremacist?

By Don Boys, Ph.D. “If America continues as it is: permitting massive legal and illegal immigration we will eventually become a banana republic—without bananas and without a republic!”   http://donboys.cstnews.com/what-is-proof-of-being-a-white-supremacist White Australian nurses must now apologize to minority patients for their ...

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