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Requirements of Waiting

June 27/28 Psalms 25:3-5 Waiting for God’s timing is neither passive nor idle–it takes discipline and commitment. I can think of four basic requirements for successful waiting. Faith. The Lord’s ways and timing are nothing like ours (Isa. 55:8-9). From a ...

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How to Handle Praise

June 2 Proverbs 27:21 How do you respond when someone compliments you? Some people absolutely love receiving praise because it lifts their spirits and makes them feel valuable. Others are uncomfortable with it. They look down at their feet or ...

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Learning from Failure

April 25/26 Luke 22:31-34 The disciple Peter was a man of great faith and bold action. But as readers of the New Testament know, his brash style sometimes led him to make humiliating mistakes. More than once, this disciple had ...

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A Dark Sabbath

April 23 John 19:31-42 Just as Christ once rested in the stern of a boat through a raging storm, He rested in the tomb as storms raged within His disciples. A day after Jesus’ death, fear, doubt, and grief must ...

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