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The ‘Roaring ‘20s’

By Rob Pue, Publisher Wisconsin Christian News “The Ford Motor Company was now producing so much wood waste in their factories that they began making it into charcoal. This new product was sold under the name ‘Ford Charcoal,’ later renamed ...

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Pete, Since You Brought it Up, How “Gay” Are You?

Don Boys, Ph.D. http://donboys.cstnews.com/pete-since-you-brought-it-up-how-gay-are-you In the south, it has been traditional for a young lady (debutante or “female beginner”) of high status to “come out” into adulthood.  It’s a formal rite of passage into society of an educated, wealthy, sophisticated young ...

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Macy’s Lesbian Kiss Inflames Viewers

by Rev. Austin Miles DAY AFTER THANKSGIVING: Macy’s Department Stores are now a showcase for perversion and disease. They sickly promoted homosexual acts as seen in the Thanksgiving Parade yesterday. It spotlighted an interracial lesbian couple’s deep throat kiss seen ...

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We’d Best Get Busy and Be Ready

By Rob Pue There are many times I find myself wishing I didn’t know what I know.  Many days I wish I could just be a “normal” church-going Christian living in ignorant bliss, attending church dutifully, and not concerning myself with the outside ...

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