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The Message the World Needs to Hear

January 28   Mark 16:15-20 Suppose I asked what the mission of the church is—how would you answer? Although the church accomplishes many tasks, its only message to the world is the gospel of Christ. Everything else we do is ...

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The Body of Christ

January 8   Ephesians 4:11-16 As we saw yesterday, all the people who gather to worship in churches around the world form one body—the body of Christ. Jesus is the head. Paul described Him as “the beginning, the first-born from ...

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Sharing the Gospel with Witches—Real Ones

SOURCE In the Halloween-crazed Salem, Massachusetts, Christians befriend spiritual seekers of all kinds. Phil Wyman Photo by Michelle Rogers Pritzl Each October, a half-million visitors invade Salem, Massachusetts. During the month-long Halloween festival, our little city of 40,000 gets overtaken ...

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