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By Lyle Rapacki You will notice I distributed this message almost a year ago.  Today the Lord is moving me to release His words again, but with a further assertion to read His message below slower, more thoughtfully, to actually ...

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It’s Time to Recognize the Flood…and Build Accordingly

Prideful, unrepentant leadership…leading prideful, unrepentant masses of Americans. Apathetic, impotent American churches. Unbiblical, authority- and discipline-despising movements masquerading as “true Christianity”. Rampant State dependence and the open worship of America itself, both promoted and enabled by wicked political leadership and apathetic ...

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Forgive Us Israel!

Commentary by Lyle Rapacki: Approximately 40 Norwegian leaders and Christian pastors held a very special ceremony in the Knesset Wednesday in Israel to formally apologize on Norway’s behalf for the role Norway played during WWII and the Holocaust, as well ...

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