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BREAKING! Is This Obama’s Birth Certificate?

by Rev. Austin Miles The biggest hoax on earth took place when Billionaire Communist George Soros maneuvered Barack Hussein Obama into the Oval Office as (hard swallow), President of the United States.  This writer had questioned how he was able to ...

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Hillary in Blackface?  

by Rev. Austin Miles A photo presumably taken at a costume party years ago shows Bill Clinton as a simple farm boy and Hillary in black face.  When the photo of a Republican in blackface shows up, no matter what the ...

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Is the New One World Leader Here?

by Rev. Austin Miles Remember when a sudden new leader was thrust upon the world even though nothing was known about him? No information about him came forth, birth records, school records, academic records were ‘not available.’ And they got ...

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MSM : Propaganda At It’s Finest

“Christians can no longer trust the mainstream media.” Now more than ever before we must get in the word of God, and work with the Holy Spirit, and ask for discernment, knowledge, wisdom and guidance. There’s a popular song that ...

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