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The Communists Lied and the People Died

By Jerry Newcombe, D.Min. China hid it….Even to this present day, they are still hiding what they know about the virus. And yet millions of Americans are ready to blame President Trump for the virus crisis.   Worldviews have consequences. ...

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The Democrat Shout Fest Drowns Debate!

by Rev. Austin Miles “This debate was simply a cacophony of scrambled voices that squelched any legitimate points to be made. The speakers called each other “liars,” yelled out contradictions to what was being said,  and making the whole thing ...

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Four Horsewomen of the Apocalypse Ride Red, Wild Horses!

By Don Boys, Ph.D. http://donboys.cstnews.com/four-horsewomen-of-the-apocalypse-ride-red-wild-horses The goal of Socialism is Communism according to Vladimir Lenin and history has proved that what may seem to be a benign even benevolent and beneficial philosophy of Socialism often becomes vicious and violent Communism ...

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