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The Antidote to Cancel Culture

By Jerry Newcombe, D.Min. Liberty is predicated on courage—even being courageous enough to be possibly offended.   Each week brings more bad news on “cancel culture”—primarily individuals losing their jobs for one alleged offensive statement. Cancel culture is about shutting ...

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Punishing Memories and Monuments

Yesterday’s slave owners and today’s statues are not killing 3000 black and white human beings per day! Defending righteous causes is one thing, but becoming a moral hypocrite is quite another. Roe V. Wade landed on the planet earth in ...

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Saving America From the Mob

By Jeff Crouere This “cancel culture” is so toxic that innocent people are being fired just because they support President Trump or love the country.   There is a mob destroying our country. They want to change our political and ...

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Political Correctness Turns Heroes Into Villains

By Jerry Newcombe, D.Min. “The “cancel culture” holds up yesterday’s heroes by today’s criterion and then writes them off as unredeemable villains. Virtually no hero of yesterday is worthy by today’s standards.”   With another Columbus Day recently over, it ...

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