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Greasing the Skids Toward Socialism?

By Jerry Newcombe, D.Min. Land notes that they are thinking of socialism as just being “share and share alike.” But that’s not what it is. In socialism, the state becomes god.   One fallout of the Covid-19 crisis is its ...

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New Virus Targets Democrats!

By Rev. Austin Miles At a time when 22 million (and counting) Americans are facing unemployment and are struggling to pay their bills, that state and their local officials insist upon putting illegals first.   Just when governors are ready to ...

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The Leftist Cabal’s Most Outrageous Crime Yet

By Greg Holt “There is much talk today about controlling “the narrative.”  What is the narrative but a collection of words?  Words that convey meaning and therefore are imbued with considerable power.  Controlling the narrative means controlling the opinion of ...

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