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Pigs Have Learned to Fly: Jerry Falwell Supports GOP Candidate Who Performed Same-Sex “Marriage”!

By Don Boys, Ph.D. http://donboys.cstnews.com/pigs-have-learned-to-fly-jerry-falwell-supports-gop-candidate-who-performed-same-sex-marriage  I met Jerry Falwell, Sr. in the mid-1960s at a large gathering of preachers and educators in Springfield, Missouri. We were friends but not bosom buddies and during the succeeding decades we met at similar meetings ...

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USA TODAY 1619 Project is Racist, Radical, and Not Responsible!

By Don Boys, Ph.D.      http://donboys.cstnews.com/usa-today-1619-project-is-racist-radical-and-not-responsible Like The New York Times’ series, USA TODAY’s major feel-good series, 1619: Searching for Answers could produce more white guilt than any revelations about slavery. Both series were a sham, a shame, and a scheme to make living Americans feel guilt ...

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Headline News 09/10/2019

Good morning, we aim to start your day off right with relevant headline news that’s happening around the world, not to mention our own timely news articles and commentary. So grab that cup of coffee, settle in, and allow us to provide ...

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