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America, Sheep to the Slaughter

“And The Lord said unto me, a conspiracy is found among the men of Judah.” Jeremiah 11:9 Everywhere I seem to look, I can see the conspirators working relentlessly through the media propagandists who are attempting to re-arrange your reality ...

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Chalk and Markers Terrify College Students

Editor’s Note: While I in no way, shape or form endorse Donald Trump – I completely agree with what is herein presented in this post. College students cannot handle seeing “Trump 2016” chalked on a college campus? These are the ...

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The Peril of Papal Politics

Pope Francis is a man of great compassion and humility. He shows tremendous concern for the young, the elderly and the sick. He advocates for those who have been forgotten, such as the homeless. He has shunned the luxuries and ...

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By Daniel Greenfield on Front Page Mag His real enemy isn’t the Caliph of ISIS, but the ordinary American. Last year at a NATO summit, Obama explicitly disavowed the idea of containing ISIS. “You can’t contain an organization that is ...

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