Facebook has decided to remove news from the “newsfeed.” Here is how to take control of your newsfeed:

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Step 6: Please do all the above steps, not just with TCP, but with all Conservative news sites that you frequent.  If you would want to continue seeing us and other Conservative news sites in your Facebook news feed, the time to take action is now.  Liking and commenting as well as sharing are crucial steps, but you need to implement step 2 – “see First” in order to continue seeing us in your Newsfeed.

Mark Zuckerberg laid out the reasons why “news” is being eliminated from the “Newsfeed.” Facebook as always has decided to tell you what you like and what you need or do not need to see.  These changes will in effect eliminate news from the Facebook Newsfeed.

Please help the voices of Conservative news to be heard, take back control of YOUR Newsfeed!

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