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CNN is the Home of Liberal Hacks

By Jeff Crouere “While CNN expressed their extreme outrage at McSally’s comments, she refused to buckle under the criticism. She said, ‘these CNN reporters, so there’s many of them around the capital, they are so biased, they are so in ...

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America is ONLY One Election Away From Socialism!

By Don Boys, Ph.D. “Americans turned to the Democrats for their salvation; their savior was President Franklin D. Roosevelt (FDR). The leftist president signed the New Deal into law creating 42 new government agencies. The most long-lasting result of the Great Depression was ...

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Disengagement Equals Capitulation

By John Miltenberger “We have no divine mandate that this America will remain our country, and we too could find ourselves and our country in the dustbin of history, just like so many other might-have-beens. If so, the blame for ...

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