On May Day the Comeback Must Begin

By Jeff Crouere “Already, massive changes have impacted our economy, inflicting financial damage to almost all Americans and businesses of every size.”   The world is forever changed with the advent of this pandemic. The casualties may include traditional forms ...

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Daily Briefings Yes, But Reporters No

By Jeff Crouere In this pandemic, reporters seem to be more interested in political correctness than in providing important life-saving information to the American people.   Ever since the coronavirus became a household word and the American people started to ...

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Is the World Really Getting Worse?

J.D. King

by Steve Eastman, Wait Til You Hear This Just catch the news — radio, television, newspaper or Internet. You get a consistently gloomy outlook. Switch to Christian media and it is just as bad, maybe worse. The church’s perspective hasn’t ...

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It’s Time to Rally Behind Our President

By Jeff Crouere “While his Democratic opponents have been engaged in name calling, President Trump has been showing leadership and calling for unity. He is not engaging in partisan politics during this time of national emergency.”   On Friday, President ...

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