Is the World Really Getting Worse?

J.D. King

by Steve Eastman, Wait Til You Hear This Just catch the news — radio, television, newspaper or Internet. You get a consistently gloomy outlook. Switch to Christian media and it is just as bad, maybe worse. The church’s perspective hasn’t ...

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Walk with a Doc


by Steve Eastman, Wait Til you Hear This Do you get nervous in a doctor’s office? You know, the white coat syndrome? No worry. If you live near Durham, North Carolina, or any of the other participating cities around the ...

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How I Opted Out of a Smart Meter

Smart meter

by Steve Eastman, Wait Til You Hear This Some people are concerned about the privacy invasion features of smart meters. Others are worried about adverse health effects. But the only way to opt out is to jump through hoop,after hoop, ...

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