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‘As Long as We Both Shall Live’

By Rob Pue, Publisher Wisconsin Christian News “Even if you believe you’re the victim and your spouse “owes” you something. Just forget all that. Drop your pride. Go to him or her, hug them and just say, “I’m sorry.” Try ...

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Abolition of Abortion and ‘Church Repent’

By Rob Pue, Publisher Wisconsin Christian News “But today, we have no more excuses. With modern technology, there’s now more than ample scientific PROOF that a baby in the womb is, indeed, a real, living, SEPARATE human being — from ...

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Go to Church, Live Longer and Happier

By Jerry Newcombe, D.Min. “Meanwhile, just a little online searching shows that it is a consistent finding that attending church tends to cause people to live longer and healthier lives.”   I don’t go to church to live longer or ...

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Fear Not!

By Rob Pue, Publisher Wisconsin Christian News “The Establishment Church in America knows NOTHING about true Christianity; certainly the modern preachers are not proclaiming it.  Because of the fear of the opinions of man, they are suppressing the truth, cowering, ...

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And Then There Were None

By Jerry Newcombe, D. Min. “Abby says that after she saw that ultrasound, ‘I knew that I had been part of a lie. I had been a part of a corrupt system, a corrupt organization, that really preyed upon women ...

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The People of the Cross

By Lyle J. Rapacki, Ph.D. “A whirlwind is coming to America, and has already begun to blow and twist its’ way through the land.  There will be destruction.  There will be stunned silence at the tremendous force deliberately loosed on ...

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