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About Rob Pue  Rob is an ordained minister and the founder and publisher of Wisconsin Christian News, a national Christian newspaper based in Wisconsin. He writes a monthly commentary for WCN, and can also be heard twice weekly, (Tuesdays and Saturdays) nationwide on the VCY America Radio Network, (as well as several other independent stations), with his “From the Editor’s Desk” commentaries. Rob’s messages offer unique teaching and insights from God's Word, dealing with the most important issues of our day. In addition, Rob hosts the weekly internet TV program, "WCN-TV," every Wednesday at 2 pm Central time, which can be found at WCNTV.net.   He is also available for speaking engagements for conferences and special events. View his website at:  WisconsinChristianNews.com

On A Quest For ‘Normal’

By Rob Pue, Publisher – Wisconsin Christian News The America we grew up in, raised our kids in and yes, took for granted just four months ago, I’m afraid, is gone forever.   A few weeks ago, my wife and ...

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It’s Time For a Break

By Rob Pue, Publisher – Wisconsin Christian News On the other hand, when one receives their “entitlements,” or government “benefits” there is often pride, arrogance, greed and a never-ending DEMAND for even MORE “free stuff.”   My message today is ...

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The Enemy is At the Gates

By Rob Pue, publisher – Wisconsin Christian News In case you don’t know, America is at war, and it’s a war for the very survival of our nation, our freedom and our entire way of life.   More than that, ...

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Lies, Ignorance and Anarchy

By Rob Pue, Publisher Wisconsin Christian News For all practical purposes, the Supreme Court’s decision has once again made another unconstitutional so-called “law.”   In 1948, George Orwell published his futuristic book, titled “1984.” Here’s a short excerpt from what ...

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A Day of Reckoning

By Rob Pue, Publisher Wisconsin Christian News George Floyd’s family has formally asked the United Nations to help defund the police departments throughout the United States, and replace them with UN “peacekeeping” forces.   As my good friend, Coach Dave ...

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Desolate, Burned and Overthrown

By Rob Pue, Publisher Wisconsin Christian News Today in America, many of our cities are burning. One of the saddest things about these riots is that so many Americans feel they’re justified, reasonable and to be expected.   Before I ...

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Don’t Just Trust – Verify

By Rob Pue, Publisher Wisconsin Christian News Most of us are waking up to the fact that we’ve been lied to, played for fools and suffered the loss of many freedoms, all in the name of “public health and safety.” ...

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‘Casting Down Imaginations’

By Rob Pue, Publisher Wisconsin Christian News The problems we encounter in this life begin the minute we depart from our Lord and try to do life on our own. The consequences of this are immediate and devastating.   All ...

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Reason to Grieve

Rob Pue, Publisher Wisconsin Christian News But no, there would be NO “bargaining” allowed — dare to defy the State, go directly to jail, “do not pass ‘Go.’”   The five stages of grief, according to the Kubler-Ross model describe a ...

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