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Dr. Jerry Newcombe serves as the senior producer and as an on-air host and a columnist for D. James Kennedy Ministries. Jerry has produced or co-produced more than 60 one hour television specials that have aired nationwide. Jerry is the author or co-author of twenty-six books, at least two of which have been bestsellers, George Washington’s Sacred Fire (with Dr. Peter Lillback) and What If Jesus Had Never Been Born? (with Dr. Kennedy) . Jerry has also written Doubting Thomas? The Life and Legacy of Thomas Jefferson (with Mark Beliles). Jerry has appeared on numerous talk shows as a guest, including Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher (4x), Janet Parshall’s America, Point of View, the Moody radio network, TBN, the Fox News Channel, the Fox Business Channel, C-Span2’s “Book Notes,” etc. Jerry hosts a weekly radio program called “Vocal Point” on GraceNetRadio (www.GraceNetRadio.com), which airs four times each day with new interviews added on Thursdays.Jerry is happily married with two children and two grandchildren. The Newcombes reside in South Florida.

Is America a “Failed” Experiment?

By Jerry Newcombe, D.Min. The barbarians are at the gates. Actually, the barbarians are inside the gates and on the streets. They are tearing down statues left and right.   As we celebrate our national birthday this week, the Fourth ...

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So Many Statues—So Little Time

By Jerry Newcombe, D.Min. The man playing Washington noted that he has 12,000 men in rags and they are starving. 500 die every month of disease and deprivation.   Ronald Reagan once noted, “Freedom is never more than one generation ...

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The Catastrophe of Fatherless America

By Jerry Newcombe, D.Min. Much of the mayhem we see today is linked to fatherlessness.   Around this time we celebrate Father’s Day. But fathers in our culture have not recently appeared very important—at least according to Hollywood and other ...

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The Way of Christ is Not Violent

By Jerry Newcombe, D.Min. America needs Jesus. No greater reminder of that fact can be seen than the recent protests in the streets of the nation.   The anger against what happened to George Floyd in Minneapolis last week is ...

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Did “Roe” Really Recant?

By Jerry Newcombe, D.Min. A new FX documentary, AKA Jane Roe, raises many questions about the real Jane Roe.   Jane Roe, who pseudonymously sought an abortion in Texas, was at the heart of the infamous 1973 Supreme Court decision, ...

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Freedom Versus Tyranny on Display

By Jerry Newcombe, D.Min. The most pro-abortion leaders are the ones who are most cracking down on real constitutional freedoms in their states.   Dr. Richard Land once called our country, “the divided states of America.” How apt—especially when we survey ...

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Greasing the Skids Toward Socialism?

By Jerry Newcombe, D.Min. Land notes that they are thinking of socialism as just being “share and share alike.” But that’s not what it is. In socialism, the state becomes god.   One fallout of the Covid-19 crisis is its ...

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Does America Still Have a Prayer?

By Jerry Newcombe, D.Min. As of this writing, tens of thousands of Americans have reportedly died from the coronavirus. Also, 30 million have abruptly lost work.   Scan the headlines these days, and the bad news because of the coronavirus ...

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The Communists Lied and the People Died

By Jerry Newcombe, D.Min. China hid it….Even to this present day, they are still hiding what they know about the virus. And yet millions of Americans are ready to blame President Trump for the virus crisis.   Worldviews have consequences. ...

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