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FEATURED ARTICLESPatrisse Cullors – Marxist, Police Hater, Mega-Millionaire, and a Fraud  

Patrisse Cullors – Marxist, Police Hater, Mega-Millionaire, and a Fraud  

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BLM’s Patrisse Cullors always wanted to ‘fight police’ who are a ‘terrorist organization’


By Greg Holt


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(TCP News) Patrisse Cullors, the multi-millionaire founder of Black Lives Matter makes it clear in no uncertain terms what her views are of the police.

In a previously unseen video, Cullers states that she had always wanted to “fight the police,” calling them a “terrorist organization.”

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Cullors talks about the BLM hash tag:

“As a call to action, as a reminder, um that black lives matter, even when society, even when people, even when vigilantes, even when police get away with murdering us, we will still stand and say our lives do matter.”

Given that (according to her) Patrisse Cullors brother was severely beaten and almost killed by police, it is not hard to see where the attitude comes from. But even if what she says is 100% true, Cullors and her supporters are still wrong in what they promote.

It is a given, simple common sense even that there are bad police, just as there are bad teachers, bad actors, bad construction workers – there are bad people in every conceivable line of work and walk of life.

What Cullors does is to indiscriminately lump an entire people group into one single category. That is called racism on a grand scale. Black Lives Matter rants about racism against black people – and then BLM and their supporters are themselves flagrantly racist. Not all police are mean and nasty, nor are they all racist killers as BLM would have us believe.

It’s almost funny how BLM supporters will attack those that say all lives matter. It’s as if ONLY black lives matter. Black lives do matter, but so does every other life. This is yet another example of a group that supposedly fights against racism, and uses racism as a rallying call to all blacks to join them – and yet actively engages in racism against all people that are not black.

That would be like if I stated that because of Cullors’ thoughts and actions – all black people are racist, violent, self-serving socialists hell bent on destroying this nation. THAT would be racist and untrue. Yet this is exactly what Patrisse Cullors and her compatriots are doing.

BLM is a huge movement, and unfortunately instead of using their power and influence in a good way, they are teaching school students to hate all police, and to see them as the enemy. They have taken their message of hate and intolerance to America’s streets – and many have fallen for the smooth talking orators, while parting with their cash to add to the likes of Cullors’ deep coffers.

Black Lives Matter’s beliefs and goals are far from ideal. They support violence as long as said violence is in support of their goals. They are 100% against police.

The Chauvin trial was another BLM mandate. A BLM supporter made this statement:

‘“If George Floyd’s murderer is not sentenced, just know that all hell is gonna break loose,’ model and social media influencer Maya Nichols posted on TikTok this week. ‘Don’t be surprised when buildings are on fire. Just sayin’.”

I noticed that none of the founding members of BLM refuted this. In fact, any violent threats, and violent actions etc., none of these are refuted by BLM leadership because it serves their purposes, and if violence is what it takes, then that is fine with them. In other words, BLM, just like the terrorist group Hamas endorses and uses threats and violence to meet their goals.

While Cullors admitted to being a trained Marxist, her actions say otherwise, she is not for the people, she is for herself – same as any other Marxist/socialist/communist leader is. They are all full of it, and Cullors is no different. BLM is a way for her to amass power and riches, fighting for the people is a secondary consideration.

From the New York Post:

“As protests broke out across the country in the name of Black Lives Matter, the group’s co-founder went on a real estate buying binge, snagging four high-end homes for $3.2 million in the US alone, according to property records.”

And if that isn’t enough, Cullors and her “wife” were spotted house hunting in the Bahamas; prices for houses in the posh elite enclave begin at 5 million dollars and range as high as 20 million dollars.

Cullors and her partner are living life high on the hog – on the backs of other people gullible enough to give them their money.

Patrisse Cullors is a fraud, plain and simple.

Image Credit (Cullors): Innisfree987

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Washington Examiner
New York Post

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