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POLITICS Why Are State Governments Refusing to Allow Forensic Audits of Voting Machines?

Why Are State Governments Refusing to Allow Forensic Audits of Voting Machines?

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The most sacred obligation any elected official holds is to “Protect and Defend the Constitution of the United States


By Lyle Rapacki


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(TCP News)  Increasingly the visible differences between socialist Democrats and liberal Republicans are blended.  Reelection priorities, holding onto power, the fine office and parking space, along with a host of other self-serving factors play into this observation.  Former U.S. Senator John McCain was a champion of this deliberate technique sounding conservative about six months prior to reelection, but the remaining five years of his term, he was, for all account, liberal with an exception here and an exception there.  Campaign toward your base and say what the people need to hear is really an unwritten motto of many in elected office today regardless if local, county, state or national.  People love the idea of receiving something for nothing.  People love the idea of government providing and making our lives easier by intervening with programs, money, rules and policies that remove most responsibility from citizens and replace the burden of responsibility on the ever encroaching government.  Socialists are truly adept at sounding like political Santa Claus making promises of good tidings and cheer, gifts of all sizes that will make the citizenry happy and giggle, become full of merriment and not question any of the handouts for fear of receiving coal in their stocking if they dare to challenge.  While liberal Republicans may be a bit slower in sounding the horn to the gravy train, they are just as complicit by not standing up and simply saying, “No!”  Where have our leaders gone?  Where are those who prefer to be constitutionally right and responsible?  Our founders would be aghast at so very many in elected office today.

The recent national election was a fraud on multiple levels.  Prima facia evidence is plenty warranting full forensic audits of ballots and machines, but elected officials still hesitate to learn whether our sacred electoral process has been sorely violated and thrown into chaos and doubt.  The most sacred obligation any elected official holds is to “Protect and Defend the Constitution of the United States against ALL enemies, foreign and domestic.”  The People of the United States; well, at least some 80-million are finished with the lies and lack of leadership; finished with the pusillanimous ways of elected officials; finished with “let’s go along to get along” thinking by elected folks who really mean, “let’s not rock the boat of those entities that give us campaign funds and dinners.”

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Maricopa County, Arizona officials are not even embarrassed a bit as to how they are appearing to citizens – not merely across Arizona but across the nation!  Other elected officials, not only in Arizona but across the nation, are not embarrassed as to how they are appearing to citizens by not standing up to do all they are empowered to search every aspect associated with the heinous accusations of voter fraud, loss of voting integrity.

The below article demonstrates, once again, what the citizens of Arizona have been fighting, and citizens across America, also; namely, elected officials bending every which way to distort, delay, misdirect, and excuse any reason to hold a true forensic audit on ballots and machines associated with the recent national election.  The terribly sad farce of responses given by public officials to NOT do their job and keep their sacred oath, is appalling – and worse!  Read now how another set of public officials in Fulton County, Georgia invent reasons not to show election ballots and bring about a forensic audit.  Rise UP America or fail to do so with the result being a socialist State our Forefathers fought and died to prevent.



Fulton County, GA Hearing Turns Into Laughable Circus As County Officials Use Delaying Tactics To Avoid Showing Ballots

A Ballot Inspection Hearing was heard today in Atlanta, GA on motions to compel Fulton Co. to “Show Us the Ballots” in a case filed by

Garland Favorito runs the non-profit fighting for election integrity in Georgia.

Attorneys for Fulton County, where the infamous ‘Ruby’ video showing election workings scanning ballots multiple times in the middle of the night after forcing Republican monitors to leave State Farm Arena, declared they had only 29 days to prepare and by law are allowed 30. The incredulous judge gave them until this Monday to be ready to argue why citizens of Georgia should not be able to see their own ballots.
“The Fulton Co. Elections attorney told the court that she never received the same motion the court and her fellow court attorney in the same office received from us. Then she said was not prepared to proceed on another motion because only 29 of the 30 days allotted for her response had elapsed. When we reconvene on Monday, is she going to tell the judge the dog ate her legal brief?” asked Favorito.

The delaying circus continues by Democrat officials with questionable ethics in the county known for voter fraud historically in the Peach State.

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  1. what are these people afried of. They cant hide the truth forever. Take the state natanal guard. state tropers or any one in milatary and get adit done. If you have to put people in jail then lets do it. I am tired of coruput people runing the show. SINED SGT first WALTER P. EADES retired from KANG.


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