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The Babylon Bee’s Take on the Senate’s Theft of Trillions From Americans is More Accurate ‘News’ Then Most So-Called News Services

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The Senate in a party line vote approved a bill that has little to do with Coronavirus relief but is a liberal shopping list


By TCP News Staff


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(TCP News)  In a marathon session lasting over 27 hours, Democrats managed to ram through a Coronavirus relief package.  The main problem?  This bill has little to do with relief of any kind.

Instead the Dems bill is a liberal wishlist shopping trip on steroids.  While the Democrats pat themselves on the back and say relief is on the way, the truth is this so-called relief is more a noose about the neck of tax payers.

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The Babylon Bee, a satirical site posted the perfect tweet on this news:

From The Babylon Bee:

WASHINGTON, D.C.—A nefarious gang of masked bandits has voted to steal another few trillion from your grandchildren, investigators confirmed. The mysterious masked culprits are currently wanted for stealing trillions from your grandchildren but have not been apprehended yet and so are continuing to plot more heists.

While most criminal heists involve breaking into a vault, jumping onto a moving train, or blowing up the moon, this supervillain gang’s plan is more subdued but no less evil: they will simply print money, borrow money, and raise taxes until your kids and grandkids have nothing left.

The above is of course meant to be satirical, sadly it is far more of a reality than most of the reporting out there on this massive money grab for the libs and their pet projects.

What he said…

Inside this “relief” bill is a new BILLION dollar tax – on gig economy workers, like Uber drivers, DoorDash drivers, and other independent contractors and part time workers.  So much for earning a little extra money especially after the lockdowns have damaged or destroyed so many people’s earning potential.

The $15.00 an hour minimum wage increase failed to be included in the Senate version of the COVID stimulus bill.  Unfortunately, there is plenty of other pork spending included with very little going to actual COVID relief.

A whopping 350 BILLION goes to bailing out failing state and city governments – mainly run by Democrats.  AND – the plan puts into place a federal moratorium on evictions and foreclosures until the end of September.  It also includes billions for food insecurity.

It needs to be noted here that a moratorium on evictions simply encourages people to NOT pay their rent and in some cases their house payment (yes there are people that are this stupid).  A better solution would be to end the charade with the mask nonsense and lockdowns that are both proven to be ineffective – and reopen the economy and assist people with getting a job again.  Even rental assistance would be better than the moratorium which is nothing more than an economic nightmare to many who own said rentals.  There are also many who simply don’t want to work and would rather suck up the unemployment (this is being extended again as well) and whatever else the government will hand out.  We see this all the time.

This Democrat vaunted “aid to Americans” bill is anything but.  It is more like a tight noose around our necks, worse, it is a noose around our grandchildren’s children’s necks.


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