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ABORTIONInterview With Michael Flynn, 'America's General' With Pastor David Scarlett, Jim Stockstill...

Interview With Michael Flynn, ‘America’s General’ With Pastor David Scarlett, Jim Stockstill & Floyd Brown on His Glory

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A very informational General Flynn roundtable interview with Pastor David Scarlett, Jim Stockstill, and Floyd Brown


By Greg Holt

(TCP News)  General Michael Flynn is interviewed on the His Glory program.  This is a great roundtable discussion with Pastor David Scarlett (His Glory), Jim Stockstill (National War Council), and Floyd Brown (The Western Journal).

The roundtable discussion addresses the stolen 2020 election, the Capitol riot, and why Washington D.C. seems to be an armed and barricaded military installation.

Mr. Flynn addresses the impeachment issues, the Deep State, RINOs, and the Arizona election issues.  Flynn also talks about the importance of family, the seriousness of abortion, and the important role of faith leaders and others in important positions of leadership who are God fearing men and women – in dealing with these issues.

General Flynn talks about the importance for We the People to learn and understand the U.S. Constitution, to understand politics and government and its functions – as well as knowing our history. Flynn says it is important to understand American exceptionalism, and why we really are exceptional as a country founded on principles given to us by God.  Intertwined with all of this is the importance of learning, treating others well (the Golden Rule), and our spiritual/faith development centered around Jesus Christ.

Flynn talks about how America was founded on people who had a firm faith in God, how these people, our Founding Fathers designed our style of government around this all important faith.  The importance of our thoughts, ideals, and actions being grounded in a strong faith in Christ is also emphasized.

The issue of the courts refusal to address the recent election interference and voter fraud is also addressed, along with court decisions being made not by law (legislating from the bench) as is supposed to be per the Constitution and derived law, but via “common sense,” in one stated case and/or other issues.

Also addressed is the NFL and NBA etc. anti-anthem/flag demonstrations, ignoring the Constitution which is an important founding and guiding document for this nation, and the importance of the symbology of Light and Truth under the headship of Jesus Christ.

We the People are beginning to understand and realize what is truly going on under the so-called guidance of the Democrats and RINOs along with their enforcers, the mainstream media, and the better part of the social networks as well as the Internet search giant Google.  These media and social media companies, and of course Google wield an extreme amount of power – and that power is being used to silence We the People as well as drive a wedge between us (the U.S. as a nation) and God, as well as drive a movement to transform the United States into a socialist/communist nation completely beholden to the powerful globalist cartel.

Excellent show well worth your time to watch, I encourage you to listen to the entire show.

National War Council
His Glory

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