Friday, July 23, 2021
BREAKING NEWSThe Biden Administration's Purge of the U.S. Military Has Begun

The Biden Administration’s Purge of the U.S. Military Has Begun

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During Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin’s confirmation hearings, he promised to “rid our ranks of racists and extremists.”


By Greg Holt


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(TCP News)  Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin has ordered the U.S. military to “stand down” for a period of 60 days.  A stand down is common enough for instance to address safety concerns according to Pentagon Press Secretary John Kirby.

Here’s what Mr. Kirby and Austin are not telling you.  Military “stand downs” average a single day.  Many so-called stand downs are for a few hours, most I could find were for the duration of the day or less.  The longest stand down I was able to find was five days long, was held virtually as well as and in conjunction with OSHA for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, and concerned fall prevention.

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To put this into even more perspective, after the Marines in 2017 tragically experienced several aircraft accidents costing U.S. taxpayers millions of dollars, and more importantly 22 fatalities – a stand down was issued.

From Breaking Defense:

While the stand-down is grim news, it’s crucial to note that Gen. Neller didn’t ground the whole air fleet at once. Instead, each squadron must schedule a 24 hour “operational reset” sometime in the next two weeks, without affecting “operational commitments.”

The obvious takeaways here are, that despite the seriousness of the matter, the entire operational fleet of aircraft were not ordered to stand down at one time.  The period of the stand down was a single day – NOT 60 days – and it was not the ENTIRE U.S. military command.

So what is this extremely urgent matter that requires a ridiculously long military-wide stand down?  A serious safety concern?  Another matter of potentially deadly concern to our personnel?  No, and no.

The entire military needs to be “paused” in order to remove extremists and racists.

Translation: all Trump supporters need to either be silenced or removed from our military.

From the New York Post:

“We also owe our people a working environment free of discrimination, hate and harassment. If confirmed, I will fight hard to stamp out sexual assault, to rid our ranks of racists and extremists, and to create a climate where everyone fit and willing has the opportunity to serve this country with dignity,” the then-nominee said in his prepared remarks before the Senate last month.

Oh, and by the way – this “pause” was decided on after a meeting with the Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Mark Milley as well as others – during which meeting the Capitol riot was brought up.  You know, the riot that Donald Trump incited and was completely responsible for?

The very riot that self absorbed, “it’s all about me” AOC was worried she was going to be killed in?  Except that it turns out AOC wasn’t even there – and she accused Ted Cruz of trying to have her murdered on that day.

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin also purged Trump loyalists from the Pentagon:

During the last two months of his tenure, former acting Defense Secretary Christopher Miller removed a number of longtime members from several defense policy, health, science and business boards and replaced many with loyalists of former President Donald Trump. More than 30 of those replacements will now be forced to resign, including former GOP House Speaker Newt Gingrich, retired Brig. Gen. Anthony Tata and former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski.

Now why do you suppose Trump would have done this?  Maybe because he knew what Biden and the Democrats would do to the military, same as Barack Obama did to our military – strip it down and decimate it.

Austin’s so-called stand down has nothing to do with safety, and it has nothing to do with extremism either.  This is nothing more then another attack on We the People, who are represented by Donald J. Trump.  America’s greatest president ever.  The president who accomplished most of what he said he would do, the president who kept his promises.  The president who dared to go up against the globalists and the powerful military/industrial complex.

Austin’s purge of the military is yet another witch hunt orchestrated with the blessing of Joe Biden and the Democrats who all hate Trump with a passion.  I think it is reasonable to say that the Democrats hatred of Trump goes hand-in-hand with a deep hatred for America.  Look at the news, look at what these people are doing, and tell me that We the People are important to them.

We the People are to be used, we are only useful in that the Democrats can wring every last drop of blood sweat and tears from all of us, along with our money and our vote – and then we can be cast aside.  If one is not at all useful in the ways mentioned, one is chattel, useless, not important, to be purged, cast aside and punished, silenced – and our God-given rights stripped from us, and even possibly imprisoned if possible.

Joe Biden is nothing more than a figurehead for the Democratic Party – and the Democratic Party may as well be a dictator.


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  1. man, if I were china and russia, right now would be the PERFECT TIME to start war…this is UNCALLED FOR, UNPRECEDENTED, UNCONSTITUTIONAL…outright racism


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