Tuesday, May 18, 2021
BIBLICAL ANSWERS Prophecy: the Time For Repentance is Now - the Judgment of the...

Prophecy: the Time For Repentance is Now – the Judgment of the Church Has Begun

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Choose this DAY whom you will serve – the earth will shake and MY ROAR will be heard.


By Jim Stockstill

Dear Prayer Partners and Friends,

(NWC)  What an honor to join the anointed panel on “His Glory” this afternoon.  Appreciate Amanda and David inviting a simple, ordinary vessel to be a part of those with the gifts of Holy Spirit.  The pictures of the vision and wolves in sheep’s clothing.

Thank you for your prayers and notes that always being me to tears.  God bless each of you and your loved ones and my brothers and sisters around the world.  May Elohim have mercy on the “Eagle” – the U.S.A.


The Prophetic Word


“Does the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob sleep or slumber?  The Alpha and Omega clearly discerns the thoughts and intents of the hearts of mankind.  The true ‘All Seeing Eye’, I observe the evil schemes and deceitful pathways of the wicked.  In your foolishness and pride you are held captive and held in bondage by compromising with that which is evil and your haughty boasting and mockery of the Lord of heaven and earth will lead to eternal banishment.  There says the Lord, in your rebellion you shall suffer.  You have sown the wind and shall reap the whirlwind of your COLLUSIONS of mayhem and chaos.  Nothing is new to your God, that which has been shall be again – as a dog returns to its vomit and a washed sow returns to wallow in her mire – so have MY Shepherds turned to the wicked ways of Balaam.  Your greed and lust for power is as the rebellion of the fallen one – once a “light bearer” in MY celestial city I AM cast him into anguish and the eternal darkness of the dammed.”

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