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U.S. NEWSELECTION 2020Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi's Utterly Indefensible and Frivolous Statements About Trump...

Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi’s Utterly Indefensible and Frivolous Statements About Trump & the Capitol Riot

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Clinton and Pelosi are united in a new push to take down Trump and all who are political allies.


By TCP News Staff


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(TCP News)  Hillary Clinton, the former candidate for president – the one that still cannot get over her loss to Donald Trump, is looking to get even.  In her recent podcast with Nancy Pelosi as her guest, Clinton theorized that the leader of Russia was receiving updates on the Capitol riot via one Donald J. Trump.

This has to be about getting even, settling the score.  It can’t be that Hillary Clinton is this utterly stupid and deceived can it?

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Clinton stated in her podcast You and Me Both, that she would like to see Trump’s phone records.  Picture this for a moment – the president of the United States giving the Putin, the leader of Russia a sitrep on a riot in his own capitol.  Right, I’m sure that is exactly what happened.

From Fox News:

Clinton lost to Trump in 2016 and said it is clear that Trump has a disdain for democracy, but its true depths may never be known. She said the president had “other agendas” while in the White House and hopes that one day it becomes known who exactly the president was “beholden to” and “who pulls his strings.”

Taking this a step further, Clinton said (and crazy Nancy Pelosi agreed) that there should be 9/11-commission-type probe to determine what “exactly” led up to the riot.

Prevent a puppet from occupying the presidency.  WOW.

In the first place, Trump is no man’s puppet, think what you will of the man, suggesting he is anyone’s puppet is utter frivolity.  Second, Trump did not “occupy” the office of the president, the implied smear being that Trump was never the legal and legitimate president.  Trump won the presidency fair and square, a fact that Hillary still can’t get over.

Pelosi said:

“I don’t know what Putin has on him politically, financially or personally, but what happened last week was a gift to Putin because Putin wants to undermine democracy in our country and throughout the world,” Pelosi said. She said those that took part in the riot were “Putin’s puppets.”

It’s amazing how these people can concoct such duplicitious stories with absolutely no basis in truth and then foist them off on We the People without a care as to the potential damage that they can cause.

Fox news contributor Byron York sums it up perfectly:

“There was a House investigation. A Senate investigation. A special prosecutor investigation with the full powers of law enforcement. Obsessive media inquiries. None found what Hillary Clinton wanted to find. So she wants another…”

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