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FEATURED ARTICLESReport: Parler Files Antitrust Lawsuit Against Amazon in Federal Court

Report: Parler Files Antitrust Lawsuit Against Amazon in Federal Court

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Amazon Web Services unilaterally decided to give up and coming social media platform Parler the boot.


By TCP News Staff


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(TCP News)  Just days after Twitter permanently suspended President Trump from its platform, and thousands of Twitter users (including Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin, and Dan Bongino) said goodbye to Twitter – Amazon Web Services turned off the lights.  AWS removed social media company Parler from its web servers.

In a purely coincidental happenstance, Twitter is also hosted by Amazon Web Services (AWS).  This move by AWS to purge Parler from their servers is a huge benefit to Twitter oddly enough.

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Parler responded by filing a lawsuit in federal court against AWS.

Parler lawsuit against Amazon Web Services

From Politico:

Parler asked for an emergency order to reject Amazon’s shutdown of its account, saying it was the equivalent of “pulling the plug on a hospital patient on life support.”

Amazon “will kill Parler’s business — at the very time it is set to skyrocket,” the complaint said.

According to Politico, AWS has a significant corner on the hosting market, or cloud hosting if you will, owning a 32% share of the market.  Talk about antitrust.

Parler is growing astronomically in comparison to its two main competitors, Facebook and Twitter.  With the removal of Parler from AWS servers, and the inability to find a new hosting provider – Parler could lose many users, and not only that – Parler could find itself fully and completely defunct.

This all comes on the heels of Google and Apple removing the Parler app from their stores.

Amazon maintains that Parler’s “content” has become too violent and that AWS is justified in pulling the plug.

From New York Daily News:

“We’ve seen a steady increase in this violent content on your website, all of which violates our terms,” the letter from AWS reportedly reads. “It’s clear that Parler does not have an effective process to comply with the AWS terms of service.”

This unfounded, ridiculous and severe censorship must not be allowed to stand.  The decision of AWS to boot Parler from their servers must be overturned by the federal judge.  This is pure Leftist censorship on steriods.

There is a total campaign, a war against We the People, this is yet another move in that war.  The goal of this war?  To fully and completely shut down Donald J. Trump, and the millions of Trump supporters who are very angry, and are sick and tired of being lied to by the socialist Democraps, Big Tech, and the traitorous national media.

We the People are looking, We the People are thirsty – for truth, for actual real journalism, for honest sources of news verses the so-called news sources where much of they “report” is nothing but lies and innuendo.

After Twitter removed Trump, the Rageocrats decided on impeachment and removal of trump from office, and conservatives were being banned from social media – our publisher stated in a recent article that this was only the beginning.  This is WAR – plain and simple.  The elites against We the People.

Stand up – and speak up while you still have a voice.


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