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Rep. Ilhan Omar on MPD Shooting: ‘Let’s Stop Normalizing & Justifying State Sanctioned Murder’ by Police

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Ilhan Omar is once again attempting to incite violence and rioting with unfounded, ridiculous, and dangerous accusations.


By Greg Holt


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(TCP News)  Rep. Omar is again demonstrating why she should be removed from Congress with her baseless ranting and accusations.  Omar has once again demonstrated that she has no grasp of reality – instead making it up as she goes along.  Worse, Omar’s accusations are designed with one thing in mind – causing outrage that will result in riots and more violence in Minneapolis for sure, and quite possibly elsewhere as well.

But don’t take our word for it, read it for yourself:

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Representative Omar has as usual taken an already bad situation and dramatized it, lied about it, and used it to further her own goals.  Those goals being in part defunding of police, making herself look good, making herself look relevant, and inciting more violence – just like her terrorist masters.

Omar failed to mention a few key details here however:

The man who was shot rammed a police vehicle after being told by police to “stop the car, stop your car,” he was also (repeatedly) warned – the officer yelling “hands up, hands up – POLICE!, hands up, hands up.”

At this point, you can see smoke (gun fire) from the drivers side window of the car.  The man in question fired at officers BEFORE they fired back – in self defense.

Omar mentions none of this.

Here’s the video of the shooting:

Ilhan is trying to as usual blow this situation up into something she can use to continue to further her agenda and that of the Democrats.  Increased gun control, gun confiscation, police defunding, and essentially hamstringing the police so they are basically incapable of doing their job.  I recently wrote about this very thing, Joe Biden wants to handcuff the cops so that they can’t do their job.

Twitter as usual ran away with this story without revealing all of the pertinent details, it’s almost like Omar and Twitter WANT to see an eruption of violence and riots.  That couldn’t be could it?

Ilhan Omar’s tweet (above) reads:

“MPD is a joke, this isn’t transparency or accountability. A man was killed, his family terrorized & robbed of a son and all they are left w/ is more questions than answers. Let’s stop normalizing + justifying state sanctioned murder by those who take an oath to uphold the law.”

First, who appointed Omar as a qualified observer to evaluate the police department and it’s operations?  What experience does Omar possess?  Credentials?  Schooling?

Second, Omar as stated fails to mention that the suspect FIRED FIRST.

Third, who’s “normalizing” anything?  If anything is being normalized, it is that fact that Leftists immediately upon hearing of a police shooting, especially of a person of color – label it as murder and being an unjustified shoot.  Next out comes the usual calls for gun control which mark my words here, WILL turn into gun confiscation.  This is political grandstanding to obtain the desired result, and it’s extremely dangerous.

Fourth, stating that this was “state sanctioned murder” is awfully strong language when Omar has not seen all of the evidence, and the preliminary evidence including the officer’s body cam footage shows that the suspect fired first after ramming a police squad car.

Omar is a Leftist Deep State gate keeper, in thrall to Islam and every evil imagining that seeks to destroy the United States and remake it in the image of socialism/Islam.

Here is some Twitter reaction to Omar’s braindead tweet:

Exactly – if a person of color who also happened to be a police officer shot a white person, it would not only be justified, but Omar would not even mention it to begin with.

Do tell…

Just let the man shoot you!  Right???

People like Omar and many others like her (the Democrats) fan the flames of division in this country.  Worse, they incite rioting, violence, looting, burning, and killing.  All in the name of the Democratic agenda – socialism.  And hey, if a few places do get torched, a couple of stores get robbed, and there are a couple of dead bodies, well that’s just acceptable collateral damage.

The real “joke” here?  Is Ilhan Omar.


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