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FEATURED ARTICLESAOC Celebrates Pop Star Harry Styles Wearing a Dress for Vogue Cover

AOC Celebrates Pop Star Harry Styles Wearing a Dress for Vogue Cover

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Leftist progressive Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez applauds the feminization of men.  Sad.


By TCP News Staff


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(TCP News)  Pop star Harry Styles decides to wear a dress, several of them in fact – and Vogue does a 4500+ word story on it.  He was recently photographed for the cover of Vogue – in a dress.  This of course drew backlash from sensible people.  AOC on the other hand applauded this win for men and manhood.  Pardon us while we throw up.

AOC and Harry Styles perfectly exhibit what is wrong with men and women in today’s culture.  This isn’t merely a man in a dress, yes that is bad enough all on it’s own – but a man in a dress is not the definition of courage, nor is it daringly trend setting.

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Styles daring panache is anything but good.  A man has no business wearing a dress.  Men playing dress up, literally, are participating in the feminization of men, of making men weak and less than they should be.

AOC thought Styles look in a dress was wonderful.

“It looks wonderful,” the Democrat lawmaker wrote on Instagram Stories cited by CNN. “The masculine and feminine elements are balanced beautifully.”

“There is no society that can survive without strong men.”


Yes, Styles IS doing exactly that, whether or not he knows it.  A man in a dress looks utterly ridiculous.  Maybe Styles would like to do a photo shoot in pink panties too.

Masculinity is often enough referred to as toxic masculinity by many on the Left, add to this men wearing dresses, and men who want to be women.  A dangerous combination that does society no good.

I believe this hostility toward men is dangerous, but I also know that it’s nothing new. As the second and third wave feminists gained momentum over the last 50 or so years, they bolstered a narrative that has become accepted wisdom: Men, the patriarchy, and masculinity in general have been the source of women’s suffering. Women are taught to blame men for everything bad that has ever happened to them. The #MeToo movement is just the next generation of this.

Masculinity is not toxic. It’s normal, it’s human, and it’s good. We need to remember that, despite what Madison Avenue or #MeToo wants us to believe.  (Source)

“Masculinity is not toxic. It’s normal…,” exactly; keep in mind the author of the above article quote is a woman.  One does not need to temper masculinity with being being distinctly feminine in order for it to be ok.

It seems that Styles is a tough guy – that’s great, but wearing a dress is still wrong and unmanly.

Article sources:
The Philadelphia Inquirer

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