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U.S. NEWSELECTION 2020What if Only LEGAL Votes Were Counted? Illegitimate Biden Would Then...

What if Only LEGAL Votes Were Counted? Illegitimate Biden Would Then…

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They say every vote counts – except that every vote is not legal and should NOT count.

By The Steal


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(2020 Steal)  Joe Biden literally stole the election.  Biden bragged that he had “the most extensive and inclusive VOTER FRAUD organization in the history of American politics.”   The fact that Biden said this is disputed of course – so listen to Mr. Biden say it in his own words:

This election year was unprecedented for rapid changes in the electoral process just months before the presidential election — especially in Democrat states — citing concerns about the ongoing pandemic and the fear of spreading the virus.  (Source)

This is in my opinion nothing more than an excuse, a blank check if you will for the Democrats to make it easier to cheat in elections because it seems like what they are doing is born of a legitimate need.  First, there is little that is legitimate where the Democrats are concerned, especially Biden and Harris among others.  Second, there is no legitimate need for these shenanigans – COVID-19 is real, but lockdowns and mask mandates do more harm than good and are being used for things such as this.  It’s all about power, and more to the point, a power grab by the Leftist Democrats.

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One must remember the Democrat motto: never let a good crisis go to waste.

There are also the multiple issues of ballots being sent to people who never requested them, ballots being sent to the wrong address, ballots mailed out to DEAD people etc., why isn’t this being addressed?  Why do Democrats fight tooth and nail against purging the voter rolls?  Obviously because they would lose many “voters,” the very same reason the Dems are for open borders, no wall – or an effective wall anyway, no voter ID laws, and no immigration laws of substance.

The current AP election results:

So what would happen if say only LEGAL votes were to be counted?

Big difference right?

If you look at the map at Every Legal Vote you will see that fraud was detected in EVERY single swing state – EVERY ONE.  And how was this accomplished you ask?  Through the use of THE HAMMER and SCORECARD, as well as the on the ground illegal activities.  We wrote yesterday about what a former senior NSA analyst had to say about THE HAMMER and Trump’s chances of turning this illegitimate election around – to sum it up, at the end of the day, Trump should come out smelling like roses.

If all this wasn’t bad enough, then we have idiots like this running around loose:

Professor Declares “Legal Vote” A Racist Term Like “Handouts” & “Personal Responsibility”

Seriously?  What is wrong with these people?  Maybe the weight of liberal think has unhinged their minds???

But – there is a little GOOD news: Trump is all things considered, winning the election according to The Gateway Pundit:

Today Alaska was finally called by the corrupt media for President Trump.  For some unknown and no doubt sinister reason, the media decided not to call this state until all options to steal it were fully reviewed.

President Trump is currently winning the 2020 election with most states won and he holds the lead in the Electoral College (EC) voting.

Have no fear – these corrupt evil doers WILL get caught!

#2020Steal  #StopTheSteal

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