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FREEDOM WATCHGeneral Michael Flynn: An Open Letter to America - Now is the...

General Michael Flynn: An Open Letter to America – Now is the Time to Act

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By General Michael Flynn


General Michael Flynn defense fund Fellow patriots, please listen to this short, inspiring message from General Flynn. General Michael Flynn exemplifies patriotism, courage, and love of God and country - despite some of his own countrymen relentlessly attacking him. Donations for his defense are greatly appreciated. If you can only give $5.00, please do so - every little bit helps. Thank you so much, and God bless. Letter from General Flynn. 

Socialism and creation of a socialist society are their ultimate goal. They are also intent on driving God out of our families, our schools, our courts, and even cause the very removal of God from our churches.

I was once told if we’re not careful, two (2) percent of the passionate will control ninety-eight (98) percent of the indifferent one-hundred (100) percent of the time. The more I’ve thought about this phrase, the more I believe it. There is now a small group of passionate people working hard to destroy our American way of life. Treason and treachery are rampant and our rule of law and those law enforcement professionals who uphold our laws, are under the gun more than at any time in our nation’s history. These passionate two percent appear to be winning.

Despite there being countless good people trying to come to grips with everything else on their plates, our silent majority (the indifferent) can no longer be silent. If the United States wants to survive the onslaught of socialism, if we are to continue to enjoy self-government and the liberty of our hard-fought freedoms, we have to understand, there are two opposing forces, one is the “children of light” and the other are the “children of darkness.”

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As I recently wrote, the art and exercise of self-governance requires active participation by every American. I wasn’t kidding! And voting is only part of that active participation. Time and again, the silent majority, have been overwhelmed by the “audacity and resolve” of small, well organized (passionate) groups—it’s now time for us, the silent majority (the indifferent) to demonstrate both.

The trials of our current times, like warfare, are immense and consequences severe and these seem in-conquerable. As a policewoman from Virginia told me, “People don’t feel safe in their homes and our police force is so demoralized we cannot function as we should. In my 23 years with my department, I have never seen morale so low.” Another woman from Mississippi told me, we need our leaders to “drop a forceful hammer. People are losing patience. It simply must be stopped! Laws MUST be enforced…no one is above the law.”

Don’t fret. Through smart, positive actions of resolute citizen-patriots we can prevail. Always keep in mind, our enemy (these dark forces) invariably have difficulties of which we are ignorant. For most Americans, these forces appear to be strong, I sense they are desperate. I also sense that only a slight push on our part is all that is required to defeat these forces. How should that push come?

Prayers help and prayers matter—but action is also a remedy. Our law enforcement professionals, from the dispatcher to the detective and from the cop to the commissioner, are a line of defense against the corrupt and criminal. It is how we remain (for now) in a state of relatively peaceful existence. We must support them with all our being. They are not the enemy, they bring light to the darkness of night through their bravery and determination to do their jobs without fanfare and with tremendous sacrifice.

The silent majority (the indifferent) tend to go the way of those leading them. We are not map or mind readers, we are humans fraught with all the hopes and fears that flesh is heir to. We must not become lost in this battle. We must resoundingly follow our God-given common sense. Seek the truth, fight for it in everything that is displayed before you—don’t trust the fake news or false prophets, trust your instincts and your common sense. Those with a conscious know the difference between right and wrong, and those with courage will always choose the harder right over the easier wrong.

I believe the attacks being presented to us today are part of a well-orchestrated and well funded effort and narrative which uses racism as its sword to aggravate our battlefield dispositions. This weapon is used to leverage and legitimize violence and crime, not to seek or serve the truth. The dark force’s weapons formed against us serve one purpose; promote radical social change through power and control. Socialism and creation of a socialist society are their ultimate goal. They are also intent on driving God out of our families, our schools, our courts, and even cause the very removal of God from our churches; essentially removing God from our everyday lives. Remember, we will only remain united as “one nation under God.”

And yes, there is a “resistance movement” by the forces of darkness. However, we must also resist these onslaughts and instead, take an optimistic view of our situation. Like war, optimism can be pervasive and helps to subdue any rising sense of fear. We must however be deliberate about our optimism. Otherwise, we may get lost in discouragement and despair of any failings we encounter. We must be tenacious in the ultimate end we wish to gain. That end is to remain an unwavering constitutional republic based on a set of Judeo-Christian values and principles. We must not fear these and instead embrace each.

Our path requires course corrections. To move our experiment in democracy forward, we should fight and reject the tired and failed political paths and instead pursue a more correct path that shines a bright light on liberty. A path with greater and greater control of our livelihoods instead of being controlled by fewer and fewer of the too-long-in-power politicians. They have discarded us like old trash.

Our will, our individual liberties and freedoms, remain powerful forces and must be understood and applied smartly. We must not be overly stubborn. Following the Constitution as our guide and adapting to change as we have throughout history, we learn more about what freedoms’ humans desire. However, at times, we have to fall back on what got us here. We cannot afford to lose our God-given human rights and the strong inner desire for freedom to choose and to breathe the fresh air of liberty. We must stand up and speak out to challenge our so-called “leaders” of government. We put them in charge, we can remove them as well.

It is through our rights and privileges, as American citizens, that we challenge the political class and we leverage our election process so “we the people” can decide who will govern. We must not allow a small percentage of the powerful to overtake our position on America’s battlefield. We, as free thinking and acting individuals, must control how we will live and not allow a few passionate others to change our way of life.

To the silent and currently indifferent majority—wake up—America is at risk of being lost in the dustbin of history to socialism. The very heart and soul of America is at stake. In war as in life most failure comes from inaction. We face a pivotal moment that can change the course of history of our nation. We the people must challenge every politician at every level. We also must stand and support our law enforcement professionals—they are the pointy end of the spear defending us against anarchy. Now is the time to act.

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  1. I am one that has faith in the silent majority. There is no possible way that watching all of these insane events happening (de-fund police or statue destruction) would remotely seem acceptable to a civil society, republican or democrat. I strongly believe that, come November 3rd, the majority will be heard. I trust President Trump. He has been the most diligent leader we have had in a long while. Everything he has done, he did for all of us. I say 4 more years. I also strongly believe that those who tried to wreck a constitutional republic will be held accountable. We already know who they are. Justice must be served, or this whole travesty will begin again.

  2. “As I recently wrote, the art and exercise of self-governance requires active participation by every American. I wasn’t kidding! And voting is only part of that active participation.”

    Vote AND VOLUNTEER to work the polling stations – where votes are counted AND ELECTIONS ARE STOLEN.
    Many people complain about expected cheating by Dems. Then add your eyes and ears to insure the integrity of the electoral process. Make your presence felt. Make it more difficult for them to cheat.

  3. Its all well and good to advise us to “wake up” the fact is I am wide awake but without any useful direction. The frustration is reaching intolerable levels for most law abiding people. Our NECESSARY militias were quietly eliminated leaving us defenseless against a domestic enemy we call government but in actuality is a foreign owned corporation. So instead of advising us to wake up how about offering some specific actions common patriots can pursue.

  4. I cannot believe there are no other comments on this very important letter. Has no one else read it? I agree 100% with General Flynn except for the omission of the threat of islam which I believe is using the black community and Marxist’s as their weapons against America.

  5. Platitudes. That is all I hear from the “Right”. The actions we need to take must be as bold and unambiguous as the ones taken by the left. Physically removing people like Nancy Pelosi form her thrown of lies. Throwing in jail and prosecuting those who have already been proven to have lied to the American people like Comey, Clapper, Brennan and YES, Barrack Obama and Joe Biden. Our courts have been compromised! We need to take them back and have the people decide. John Roberts and other activist SCJ’s can no longer the ones who decide the fate of the people. We are armed, we must rise up arms to take back what is rightfully ours already. We must take the media back – by force is necessary. The revolution and civil wars came at a price we must be willing to pay again. People better wake the hell up or they will have no America just 3 months form now. Don’t let the Dems steal yet another election or make laws that are not in our best interest. WE MUST be able to prosecute and remove ANY official at ANY time!

  6. Islam is not the enemy of Christians or America Snapper-head…It is the SATANISTS who hate all OTHER religions and free countries like AMERICA!

    • Apparently you have NO idea what Islam is about if you are actually foolish enough to believe that. Have you ever read the Koran? How about the part where the Koran COMMANDS Muslims to KILL all who do not believe? How about the part where men are allowed to kill their wives and daughters for “disgracing” the Koran or the “family?” Or this: the command to murder all who leave (such as converting to Christianity) Islam? But don’t take my word for it, look it up. Islam is the enemy of ALL people because of what they teach. Remember ISIS? Oh they were just extremists people said. NO, ISIS was doing EXACTLY what the Koran, you know, the Muslim holy book? – COMMANDS!


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