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FREEDOM WATCHThe Liberal Left Criminal Mouthpiece Known as Twitter Removes Trump’s George Floyd...

The Liberal Left Criminal Mouthpiece Known as Twitter Removes Trump’s George Floyd Tribute – UPDATE: YouTube and Facebook Follow Suit

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By Greg Holt


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(TCP News) Twitter in yet another blatant move of liberal censorship removed President Trump’s George Floyd tribute.


[dropcap]P[/dropcap]resident Trump on Thursday posted a video tribute to George Floyd on Twitter that he narrated.  The video quickly reached a million views according to The Gateway Pundit.

Twitter then took the video down.

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And what was Twitter’s reasoning for disabling the video?  Apparently Twitter removed the offending video because of a copyright complaint/violation – which of course was not in any way explained to Team Trump.  How convenient.

From The Hill:

In the video, the president can be heard lamenting the “grave tragedy” of Floyd’s death over images of Floyd and peaceful protesters mourning his death.

Later in the video, the president warns about “violence and anarchy” from “radical left-wing groups” over images of riots and looting. He also describes the vast majority of law enforcement officials as “devoted public servants” as the video shows images of police officers hugging civilians and people cleaning up graffiti and garbage in the streets.

Watch the Trump video before YouTube takes it down – UPDATE, apparently YouTube, before I even finished writing this took the video down and so did Facebook.

Last week Twitter “fact-checked” a Trump tweet.  This is simply liberal bias on steroids.

Trump can’t comment on election fraud by mail, and apparently posting a campaign video that honors George Floyd and police officers is not allowed either.  On the other hand, Twitter can provide a platform for all kinds of liberal leftist hate speech and lies, and even allow terrorist communications via their platform.

So – if you are a Leftist, a liberal, a terrorist, a criminal, a climate changer, or just hate conservatives or Trump in particular, your posts are welcome on Twitter.

Isn’t it about time that Section 230 is seriously revisited?  Not just a for show and tell look-see to placate the masses, you know, as in lip service?  Section 230 gives Facebook and Twitter an immense advantage, these social media giants have sucked up all the ad revenue – and have very strong legal immunity.  Publishers do not have this advantage.

From The American Conservative:

On one hand, Twitter, Google, and the other internet platforms often advocate for an open and free internet with no restrictive gatekeepers who would block or throttle disfavored content—i.e., the policy generically known as “network neutrality.” However, they advocate for an open and free internet [sic] only when faced with broadband providers like Verizon and Comcast that could block their services. In 2017, Zuckerberg wrote that broadband providers should not be allowed to “block you from seeing certain content.” Similarly, Twitter’s lobbyists argued that Verizon and Comcast should not be permitted to “block content they don’t like” and/or relegate “certain content to the backwaters of the Internet in second or third-tier status.”

On the other hand, Facebook, Twitter, and Google seem to embrace a principle of “an open internet [sic] for thee but not for me” when it comes to their own platforms.


Facebook and Twitter heavily censor conservative platforms.  Facebook loves to tell me I post fake, incorrect, misleading etc. news all the time.

It’s time to change the rules for all social media platforms.  Either all viewpoints are equally allowed, as well as all news stories and commentary – or the particular social media platform will be held accountable.  Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg’s idea of a “Facebook Supreme Court” is a completely laughable concept and does not work.  After all, one simply appoints people with a known liberal viewpoint, and then gives them autonomy and claims that they are fair and impartial.

These Facebook fact-checkers, speech police – Twitter “reviewers” etc., they are about as impartial as Hitler was to the Jewish people in World War II.

It’s time to clean up Facebook and Twitter tyranny.  It’s time to change the rules and remove their immunity.  I guarantee that these social media giants would be singing a new song overnight.


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Let’s all continue to fight political correctness, indoctrination, Leftist propaganda, liberalism, and keep sharing the truth – knowledge is power.  Until next time…

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