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WE THE PEOPLE – General Michael Flynn: Despite Being Viciously Defamed, the Flynns Remain True Patriots


General Michael Flynn defense fund Fellow patriots, please listen to this short, inspiring message from General Flynn. General Michael Flynn exemplifies patriotism, courage, and love of God and country - despite some of his own countrymen relentlessly attacking him. Donations for his defense are greatly appreciated. If you can only give $5.00, please do so - every little bit helps. Thank you so much, and God bless. Letter from General Flynn. 

By:  Lyle J. Rapacki, Ph.D.

I learned that Mike Flynn down to his core believes in service above self; believes in giving back to this exceptional nation and her people.


I was privileged being introduced to Lt. Gen. (Ret) Mike Flynn a little over two years ago by a dear friend, Jim Stockstill of Argyle, Texas.  Jim introduced Gen. Flynn to then candidate Donald Trump with the recommendation that Mr. Trump bring him on board his still unannounced campaign.  Donald Trump did, and made Gen. Flynn  his chief advisor for National Security.   After the very public humiliation and trouncing Gen. Flynn received only weeks into the Trump Presidency, Gen. Flynn was discharged as the National Security Advisor to the President of the United States.  Accused of lying to the FBI, being involved in a Russian collusion to sabotage the 2016 election, and lying to the Vice President, this 3-Stars and 32 years active military service American Patriot was escorted out of the White House, and instantly tagged a traitor, liar…and worse!  Kicked to the curb, Gen. Flynn went from the heights of power and influence to becoming “persona non-grada,” and facing serious federal charges including prison.  A year later, I was humbled to be introduced and blessed experiencing phone conversations, exchanges of texts, emails, and even providing reports and commentary from which I benefited receiving  Gen. Flynn’s perspectives and discourses.   For the record, we never discussed any segments of the charges, associated topics or material aspects confronting him.  I would like to share some personal reflections of my unique privilege these past couple of years from this truly inspirational patriot who loves America deeply and has given his entire life serving.

General Flynn never trashed one person or any agency aligned against him; in point of fact, Mike firmly believed the truth would appear in the final analysis.   I phoned one morning just as he and Lori returned from their daily 2 mile walk around the Tidal Basin in Washington, DC.  During these walks Mike and Lori Flynn would discuss a meaningful Bible passage for that day, and how it related to them and their challenges.  Mike was upbeat when I phoned, and he freely shared how the Lord was affirming that He was in control far more than people understood, and the current dark circumstances were fully in His (the Lord’s) vision, and Mike was to place his trust unto the Lord rather than fight the battle himself.  Now for a 32 year military veteran who has seen battle, one would think this aspect would prove most difficult, and to be 3-Stars to boot!!  But this leader and sophisticated intelligence specialist shared with me how he and Lori were maturing in their relationship with God as they maneuvered the Valley of the Shadows they were walking and being led  through.  Mike then shared he was forced to move into his sister’s and her husband’s home having lost his house, all of his funds and even possible retirement, along with a host of mounting pressures, but the God of the universe assured Mike to continue to trust Him with his future.  A number of our phone conversations and exchanges discussed this growing submission (cooperation) with God’s plans, not man’s agenda.  During a time of my own travels through the Valley of the Shadows, this former 3-Star General encouraged me that the Lord wants each of us to trust Him in our times of trouble so He can rescue us, and we can give Him the glory!

General Flynn did not need to accept the position as a senior advisor to Donald Trump, and then President Trump.  Mike already served honorably for many decades as I mentioned.  I learned that Mike Flynn down to his core believes in service above self; believes in giving back to this exceptional nation and her people; believes he has been afforded abilities which are meant to be used for the good of others and not for self-promotion.  Speaking with him is always direct, he does not like beating around the bush, and on a couple of occasions I vigorously put forth an argument different than what he was presenting.  Fully aware that I was providing another perspective challenging his, I even shared that I would…”drop and do 20” afterwards.  Now that is a military term meaning I will take the discipline after my exchange and do 20 pushups.  Mike chuckled and said something to the effect of, “noted” but not necessary.  This sort of exchange became frequent, as I learned Gen. Flynn respected sound arguments, not mere opinions unless strongly based in fact and evidentiarily supported.   He was not timid with his thoughts and perspectives, but was most respectful receiving another’s, especially if argued vigorously, not with biased emotion, and with factual support.  I never felt “less than” this most accomplished, most connected leader.  He is most generous, and on a couple of occasions I requested a signed copy of his book to be delivered to another which he promptly accomplished even in the midst of his darkest days.  For the record I did not ask for one myself.  Gen. Flynn cares deeply about our nation, the heinous assaults we (he) suffered by very powerful entities, and the on-going quiet (and not so quiet) political coup America has never experienced before but is living through.  We frequently discussed the battle raging over the future of our country, and his insights and concerns were breathtaking and inspiring, especially given his vast experiential knowledge.  Some of my held beliefs along these lines have been fine-tuned because of his tutorage.  Even in the midst of atrocious attacks on him by elite establishment dwellers, Mike Flynn never lost sight of the greatness in America’s founding principles, ideals, and place in history.

As you likely know, there was no crime committed by Lt. Gen. (Ret) Mike Flynn.  Documents released with more on the way, shall prove beyond a reasonable doubt, that this patriot was deliberately, maliciously, and evilly targeted to be hurt, character assassinated beyond repair, and removed for good from any form of service by elite establishment swamp dwellers, their puppets, and those who are seriously working to collapse the United States into the New-World Order.  Furthermore, documents show conclusively a conspiracy to remove Flynn was only part of the game plan.  The ultimate goal was to remove Donald Trump, and this goal was orchestrated by those in the former inner-ring of the White House, including the occupant of the Oval Office, Barrack Obama.   A sophisticated and diabolical plan was hatched to mobilize and recreate our premiere law enforcement agency (FBI) and related intelligence agencies into a rogue, ruthless force for evil and domestic destruction of this American patriot Flynn, others closed to the President, and ultimately the President himself!

The evil unleashed shall be revealed most fully.  There will be sobering details that will curl your hair, and make you realize that no average citizen could withstand such a sophisticated assault.  It is a marvel that Mike and Lori Flynn have come out of this nightmare as humble and as intact as any loving couple, with a new level of belief and trust in God along with the foundational principles given to us by our founders.  The three year horror story is about finished, and a new chapter is about to open for this incredible patriot and experienced warrior and leader.

This morning, Friday, May 8th, 2020, General Flynn sent me a simple but profound text: “But those who wait on the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles.  They shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint.”  This man knows first-hand that which he texted is true.

Image Credit: United States Institute of Peace – still image captured from video


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LYLE  J. RAPACKI, Ph.D.  is an intelligence and threat assessment specialist who provided briefings and consultations to members of the Arizona State Legislature since May 2010, on matters associated with southern Border security and threats to our State and National sovereignty.  His reports and briefings extended to elected and law enforcement officials across the country.  Lyle believes he is being redirected to focus on threats to the Christian community .  His commentary is carried by Prescott ENews in Prescott, Arizona, and then distributed to a number of platforms across the country.  He is the author of the Amazon Booklet: “Our Forefathers Truly Appealed to HeavenAvailable on Amazon $10.

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LYLE J. RAPACKI, Ph.D. is an Intelligence and Threat Assessment Specialist who has provided intelligence briefings and consultations to selected members of the Arizona State Legislature on Border Security, Deviant Movement Groups, and threats to State sovereignty from May 2010 thru April of 2018.  Dr. Rapacki’s reports, briefings and consultations have enlarged to include elected and law enforcement officials across the country.  Lyle believes he is now being directed to sound the Shofar of Warning to the Remnant Church of the challenges and threats directed ahead.  He is the author of the successful and quick reading Amazon books: "Our Forefathers truly Appealed to Heaven" $10, Amazon Kindle E-books $7.

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