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U.S. NEWSELECTION 2020The Democrat Shout Fest Drowns Debate!

The Democrat Shout Fest Drowns Debate!

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by Rev. Austin Miles


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“This debate was simply a cacophony of scrambled voices that squelched any legitimate points to be made. The speakers called each other “liars,” yelled out contradictions to what was being said,  and making the whole thing appear to be a group therapy session.”


[dropcap]C[/dropcap]HARLESTON, SC 2/25/20–There were many takeaways from the Democratic Debate in South Carolina this evening including the definition of democrats, what they represent, and what they have to contribute to The United States of America. They were not shy nor afraid to talk. They not only talked, but with high projection to make sure we all got the message.They all talked at once in loud voices orchestrated to drown out all others, which they skillfully managed to do.  One voice only was to be heard even though everyone taking part in that debate thought they WERE that one voice.  Gotta admire their enthusiasm and confidence.

They were not constrained by manners nor courtesy which left them totally free to demonstrate honest debate. When a public speaker is booked for a conference or other affair, they (we) sit very quietly on the platform waiting to be called upon and keep our eyes on the speaker of the moment, giving full attention to that speaker which nudges those in the audience to pay special attention as well.

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The leftists tonight were free of those shackles. While one speaker spoke or answered a question, the others on the platform, would wave their hands wildly demanding to be called on immediately to rebuke and correct what had just been said. This completely distracted from the presentation as a whole. And they were talking audibly as they tried to correct the speaker right then and there, with raised voices.  Do they no longer teach courtesy in schools today?  Apparently not.

Another human discipline, especially when doing television, but equally important in a live presentation, is to cooperate with the moderator(s). If he or she tells you that you have six minutes, it is vital that your comments or talk end exactly in that time frame, especially for closing remarks. The Democrats are, of course, totally freed from such constraints which gives them the freedom to do anything they want to do to make their voices heard.

This debate was simply a cacophony of scrambled voices that squelched any legitimate points to be made. The speakers called each other “liars,” yelled out contradictions to what was being said,  and making the whole thing appear to be a group therapy session. There were some very wealthy dems in that collection and were all accused by the lesser income possessors of “buying their way into office.”

For our education we heard many variations of what an ideal country would be.  Bernie Sanders, an open avowed “socialist” which is more Communist, told of the great things Castro did for his country. He also praised China!  How’s that again?  It is to be mentioned that when Sanders married, he and his bride took their honeymoon in……where?  The Communist Soviet Union.

Among the promises, once we get a democrat in office, we will not pay for anything, including health care, college tuition, and basically anything else. The government will take care of you. That is the mindset.

Once while on an evangelistic tour in Canada, two communists who we knew had come to Canada to visit family. We put on the TV to watch a Canadian Christian TV program.  Then that program began asking for donations. The two communists looked at each other and said to us, “The government should pay for this!” Yep, that is the Socialist Communist Doctrine, meanwhile, every move you make is monitored by military officials.

One cannot believe in God there.  If you do, you cannot go to university. They tell you what work you will do, and it is the most menial tasks, cleaning park toilets, sweeping the streets and going to the front lines in military operations.  Only the ones who denounce God, (atheists), are able to go to university and plan a professional career.

You are also under total control of the Communist officials.  Whenever a prominent Communist leader makes a speech in your area, you MUST attend.  The military surround the event.  At the end, and everyone applauds, those leaders watch to see who is the first to stop applauding. Those who are the first are grabbed, arrested on the spot and put in the gulags where they are beaten.  This is no exaggeration.

This is basically what the Democrat Socialist Party is offering us.  Any takers?  If so, vote Democrat.

Image Credit: Nick-Solari

Photo Caption: Socialist Communist Bernie Sanders


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