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FEATURED ARTICLESThe Coronavirus is REAL Right - Or IS It???

The Coronavirus is REAL Right – Or IS It???

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By Lyle Rapacki


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The below mentioned article will trigger a craving in you for a good cigar and glass of Makers Mark.  The content is sobering and very thought provoking, and for those who are critical thinkers, they will “get it!”


[dropcap]N[/dropcap]on-critical thinkers will likely give up half-way through the article or become so confused they will simply write the content off as conspiracy minded and not realistic.  Jon Rappoport, the author of this piece, has a short biographical at the conclusion.  I forwarded this article selectively to those I know are intelligence analysts and threat assessment specialists.  I forwarded this article selectively to those I know would study the content, and then continue the arduous work of putting a large puzzle together without the assistance of the picture on the box giving a major clue as to what the puzzle pieces will add up to when put together.  I sense we have entered into truly dangerous times when it has become doubly, even triply difficult to tell who are the white hats.  I will venture to say, we already have seen the sophisticated and planned confusion over the past three years with the myriad of investigations launched against President Trump and his administration.  Terribly sadly and alarmingly, I believe more is to come.  Being able to work a picture puzzle without the aid of the picture on the box will help you navigate through the turmoil to come.  ~LJR


Protective Intelligence and Assessment Specialist
Consultant at Behavioral Analysis and Threat Assessment
Private-Sector Intelligence Analyst
U.S. Border Intelligence Group
ASIS International
Association of Former Intelligence Officers
Association of Threat Assessment Professionals – Arizona ATAP
International Association Law Enforcement Intelligence Analysts

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Coronavirus Covert Operation

by Jon Rappoport

In my ongoing coverage of the “epidemic” (archive here), I’ve written about the covert-operation aspect of the brutal game.

I want to add a few notes.

By its very nature, a covert op is meant to CONCEAL its true goals and details and players, so it’s no surprise we have unanswered questions. Rushing to supply all the answers in five minutes is a futile exercise.

A covert op can be invented and planned from the get-go; or players, seeing an event unfold, can jump onboard in mid-stream, take control, and use the event to launch an operation.

A covert op has cover stories and false trails. These are standard in the intelligence business.

A cover story is designed to divert attention from what is actually going on. It is basically a false picture floated to obscure the truth. The intent is: get people dividing into camps and arguing with each other about VARIATIONS of the cover story—thus taking them further from the hidden facts and motives.

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