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U.S. NEWSELECTION 2020Comrade Sanders: Flashback to the 70s - U.S. Military Action in Vietnam...

Comrade Sanders: Flashback to the 70s – U.S. Military Action in Vietnam Was Almost as Bad as ‘What Hitler did’

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By Dean Garrison


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Bernie Sanders is a dangerous man. His communist ideals are supported by too many Americans and that is beyond frightening.


[dropcap]L[/dropcap]et’s flash back to 1972, when Sanders was running for Governor of Vermont.

From The Free Beacon:

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As antiwar sentiment spread across the country in the early 1970s, a young Bernie Sanders accused the United States of committing atrocities on par with those of Nazi Germany, saying U.S. military action in Vietnam was “almost as bad as what Hitler did.”

Speaking to a class of ninth graders during his 1972 gubernatorial run in Vermont, Sanders accused the United States of committing atrocities the students would not believe and defended the communist North Vietnamese fighters, according to reporting in the Rutland Herald, a Vermont newspaper. Sanders compared U.S. actions in Vietnam to those of Adolf Hitler, who murdered some six million Jews.

The American military undertook actions that were “almost as bad as what Hitler did,” the paper quoted Sanders as saying to the class of around 30 students at Rutland Junior High School.

Sanders, who declared himself a conscientious objector during the Vietnam War, said during his remarks to the class that the North Vietnamese were not his enemy. “They’re a very, very poor people. Some of them don’t have shoes,” Sanders said. “They eat rice when they can get it. And they have been fighting for the freedom of their country for 25 years. They can hardly fight back.”

More than 58,000 American military members died or went missing in the Vietnam War.

Sanders’s past is facing increased scrutiny as he has surged to frontrunner status ahead of the Iowa caucus next week. Sanders has already courted controversy for hiring several individuals who have espoused anti-Israel views. The Washington Free Beacon reported on Tuesday, for instance, that a top Sanders campaign surrogate had claimed the United States orchestrated the 9/11 terror attacks in New York City.

Sanders prefaced his remarks to the students with a warning, according to the paper. “Some things I’m going to say may upset you,” he said. “But I have to say them.”



I personally happen to agree with Bernie that America probably orchestrated, or at least helped orchestrate, 9/11.

However, his pro-communist, anti-American, talk is out of line.

Frontpagemag has this:

The 2nd ranking Dem 2020 candidate really hates America.

Adam Kredo at the Free Beacon uncovered an old article from Bernie’s 1972 race in which he addressed a class of 9th graders.

What did he tell Mrs. Shirley Smith’s 9th grade class?

“He told the students that a few rich, powerful individuals control many events in the country, such as the Indo-China war, which he condemned for the United States as “almost as bad as what Hitler did.”

The North Vietnamese, Sanders declared, “They’re a very, very poor people. Some of them don’t have shoes,” Sanders said. “They eat rice when they can get it. And they have been fighting for the freedom of their country for 25 years. They can hardly fight back.”

Speaking of atrocities in the war, he often interspersed his remarks with, “Most of you won’t believe me.”

This Communist freakshow certainly has come a long way. And that says more about the Democrats than it does about him.


Does Bernie Sanders hate America?

He certainly hates FREE America.

If Bernie had his way he’d kill many of us to save the planet for himself and other lock-stepping communists.

Bernie Sanders’ popularity is a glaring example of how far America has fallen.

He is nearly a polar opposite to President Donald Trump.

Trump seems to overstep his office at times but still continues to embrace God, Family and Country.

Bernie is a full-blown communist who intends to reshape America by his mandate and NOT the will of the people.

Have faith America.

Bernie may be popular with Democrats, but he doesn’t pack arenas like Trump.

Freedom is still winning but seems to be losing ground.

Image Credit: Nick Solari

Dean Garrison is Publisher of DC Clothesline and DC Dirty Laundry

Republished with permission DC Clothesline

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  1. Robert McNamara said in his book, “In Retrospect,” the US should never have invaded Vietnam, and the US owes all Vietnam Veterans an apology. The radical “northern” minions have been invading foreign countries since Abraham Lincoln and his “northern” minions invaded the South. Now Bernie and his “northern” minions complain about the US invading foreign countries. What a hoot. What goes around, comes around. A tiger never changes its stripes. Once a cheater, always a cheater, and once a radical invader, always a radical invader.


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