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Christianity (NOT) Today-Galli Whopper

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by Rev. Austin Miles

“Their entire operation of CT was and is deceptive.  How many times have you found a clickbait story, began to read it, and just when it became interesting a notice would pop up stating: ‘To read the entire story, subscribe to Christianity Today,’ and then they mentioned the price to send them in order to read the rest of the story.”


After four attacks on me published on and by the magazine, Christianity Today (CT), I called Editor Mark Galli and asked, “What would Billy Graham think of you using the magazine he founded to trash ministers?  The reply?  “Billy Graham had nothing to do with the founding of Christianity Today.” How’s that again?  I kid you not. In one sense they use Billy Graham to further their rag mag, then deny him when convenient.

I met Mark Galli at a Christian conference. He thought I had knowledge of a minister he planned to trash in the next issue. I had no knowledge of that minister to share. Actually I did but felt restrained from sharing any harmful info that Galli wanted to exploit.

Their entire operation of CT was and is deceptive.  How many times have you found a clickbait story, began to read it, and just when it became interesting a notice would pop up stating: “To read the entire story, subscribe to Christianity Today,” and then they mentioned the price to send them in order to read the rest of the story. To me this was like an amateur mafia.

The attacks on me by CT were contrived by Chuck Colson-yes, THAT Chuck Colson– immediately following my feature story about 7th grade students in public schools now required to take a course on Islam shortly after 9/11. A teacher contacted me and showed me the class materials for the course, showing clearly that this was not simply studying history as the Board of Education’s noses extended (think of Pinocchio), but it was out and out recruitment for Islamic warriors. I immediately made a copy of those lesson plans and handouts and the story I wrote brought tremendous world wide response.

Colson, led me to believe that he was a friend. We visited often at various Christian Conferences and conventions where he always greeted me with a big,” Hey–Hi” and a slap on the back. He wrote those stories against me for CT, suggesting a hatred for Muslims.

So I did some additional research.  It turns out that Colson had started a Muslim outreach in the prisons and was about to receive a huge grant for that project. Guess he figured that I stood in the way of his grant by exposing how they were able to teach Islam in the public Schools and stimulating some public pushback which would kill his grant.  I called Colson’s office to ask for an explanation and his right hand staff were incredibly rude.  They refused to let me talk with Colson.

Then a Rev. Michael Brown wrote a headline story about me for CT stating that I wrote fake news.  WHAT???  I have great resources in both D.C. and Hollywood and know how to find information. Not only that I studied journalism at Los Medanos College in California where we were instructed how to verify information.

Next, Mark Galli, editor of Christianity today, wrote a scathing piece of garbage knocking President Trump with every invented accusation that could be gathered to turn people’s minds against him.  I will not quote his rag trash so as not to get his lies in the minds of more readers.  President Trump is the best president we have ever had.  He did not just walk into the Oval Office, he was put there by voting citizens, 63 million of us. Yes, we had all seen what was happening as the democrats were hard at work sabotaging The United States of America in an effort to turn us into a Communist dictatorship. That is still their goal.

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Meanwhile, President Trump fulfilled everything he promised the voters he would do and has accomplished more in his time as president than any other president came near to doing during a full term. And yes, he began Making America Great Again. Plus he is taking time away from his lucrative businesses and even refused to take a salary to serve as POTUS. He had one goal, to get America back on track.

President Trump is a Christian. I would see him at Dr. Norman Vincent Peale’s Collegiate Church in New York City. So what in blazes is wrong with that supposed Christian magazine, Christianity Today??  Yes a lot of flack was unleashed on CT after that hit piece and the editor who wrote it, Mark Galli just resigned his position at the magazine, that, according to him, Billy Graham had nothing to do with its founding.

This Christian writer would never again read Christianity Today, and readers should cancel their subscriptions. Another major fake in the Christian world. It is time to get rid of them along with the other fake Christians we have to wade through.

And by the way, CT not only trashed me in their pages…four straight issues…but have attacked other ministers as well, including Joyce Meyers. Wait until these phonies are suddenly at the White Throne Judgement.

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About Rev. Austin Miles

Rev. Austin Miles, a chaplain in Northern California is a writer and historian. He is the author of Santa's Surprising Origins, a story that received worldwide circulation and resulted in him being cast in the 2004 Hallmark Christmas Movie titled, Single Santa Seeks Mrs. Claus. He played the mall Santa who magically received the gift of sign language.

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