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NATIONAL WAR COUNCIL “Deal of the Century” Delayed Until After Ramadan

“Deal of the Century” Delayed Until After Ramadan

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“Deal of the Century will not be released before the end of Ramadan”

The Jerusalem Post

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“Kushner spoke in front of 100 foreign diplomats and ambassadors at Blair House and asked them to keep an open mind regarding the plan, adding it would require both sides to compromise.  He said the plan will not jeopardize Israel’s security, according to the report. He also said the plan has a “very detailed” political component, and will also have an economic component.  Jason Greenblatt, Trump’s special representative for international negotiations, tweeted on Tuesday that the peace team will not release any details ahead of time. ‘Continued speculation doesn’t help anyone & harms the effort. We kindly suggest a stop to the guessing games,’ he wrote.”1

From a scriptural standpoint (Genesis 15:18), let’s look at a metaphor to the Trump Israel Peace Plan (TIPP). As the owner of a four-bedroom home you and your family take an extended vacation. During that time a hostile relative, uninvited, decides to move into your home. You return to find this individual has taken one bedroom (red border) and demand’s still another. It’s your home; you legally own it, so naturally you call the police to arrest and legally evict this occupier. Not so fast…

As in the case of Israel and their covenant right to the Promised Land, Mr. Kushner and Mr. Greenblatt would suggest you be “open minded” to the trespassers request. In fact, they insist both sides will be required to compromise in order to reach an equitable solution. Fortunately, as the homeowner, this negotiating team has decades of experience in similar disputes and will work on a “very detailed” plan of resolution that will keep in mind the safety of your family.

Sadly, while intelligent and respected, the truth is neither has the experience nor have they ever negotiated a peace plan – much less a dispute that has raged since Isaac/Ishmael (1896 BC) and Jacob/Esau (1836 BC). Your family, and in this case Israel, is told to negotiate a felonious dispute.

For neighbors and caring relatives of the homeowner, we are kindly requested to stop the “speculation” regarding the negotiations and continuing to do so “doesn’t help anyone & harms the effort” so “we kindly suggest a stop to the guessing games.”2 The negotiating team believes by working together with compromise by both sides, “perhaps something wonderful can happen for the (hostile relative) Palestinians”. After all, they have been “working hard drafting what we believe is a fair, realistic and implementable plan. Fair agreements require compromises.”3 Thankfully, as the legal owner of the home, you don’t have to compromise with the hostile relative. The law unequivocally supports your position as the rightful homeowner as Jehovah stands behind His covenant promise to Abraham, Isaac, Jacob (Israel) and their descendants.

While acknowledging the legitimacy of Israel’s right to the Golan Heights (map on the left below), already the TIPP has caused a temporary setback to the annexation of areas of Judea and Samaria (map on the right below). Before studying the upcoming “plan”, Israeli envoy to the United Nations Danny Danon said Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is unlikely to make a move to fulfill his campaign promise regarding annexation. Quoting Danon, “I don’t think we will see any major action by our government before the peace plan will be presented.”4 With this statement, it would appear the Prime Minister is not fully aware of the contents of the peace proposal. Ironic, as it seems (the homeowner) would know exactly what was in “the plan” regarding the sovereign territory (home) of Israel.

Since the inauguration in 2017, we fully support President Donald J. Trump and stand behind and beside him when policies and Executive Orders are in alignment with scripture, our Founding Fathers and the Constitution of the United States of America. Those that do not; we peacefully but assertively oppose with discretion and through prayer make “An Appeal to Heaven” on behalf of our nation and our closest ally – Israel.


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Jim Stockstill [April 18, 2019]

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