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NATIONAL WAR COUNCIL Blackmail of Israel – the Closest U.S. Ally in the Middle East

Blackmail of Israel – the Closest U.S. Ally in the Middle East

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Part 5

The stance of the “War Council” since the inception of Mr. Kushner spearheading the ballyhooed Trump Israeli Peace Plan (TIPP) has been principled and scripturally based. Although the article points out Mr. Kushner’s extensive interests in Israel and its settlements, it fails to mention the naivety and arrogance of those proposing a “much-derided” plan that should be dead on arrival (following the Muslim month of fasting that comes to an end in early June).

Before detailing some of the more salient elements of TIPP, let’s first look at recent activities of a few Iranian proxies. According to the Israel Defense Force (IDF), on Wednesday (May 15th), the leadership of the terrorist organization Hamas ordered cancellation of school classes in the Gaza Strip in order to send children to violently riot against Israel. This is the same leadership that TIPP “negotiators” believe will amicably surrender their vast cache of weapons to Egypt. At the same time, and seemingly unaware, they failed to take into account another Iranian proxy in the Gaza Strip – the Palestinian Islamic Jihad who boasts of having thousands of rockets aimed at Israel. And lastly, lest we forget, Hezbollah (Lebanon) has at least 150,000 missiles pointed at Israel as well.

The main points of TIPP put together by the President’s son-in-law (Mr. Kushner) and his Middle East brain trust are as follows:

  1. A tripartite agreement will be signed between Israel, the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) and Hamas establishing a Palestinian State in the West Bank and Gaza that will be called “New Palestine”
  1. Israel would release Palestinian prisoners gradually over the course of three years.
  1. The settlement blocs in the occupied West Bank would form part of Israel. These blocs are considered illegal under international law.
  1. Jerusalem will not be divided but is to be shared by Israel and the “New Palestine”
  1. According to the plan, Israel will maintain “general control.”
  1. Palestinians living in Jerusalem would be citizens of the Palestinian State but Israel would remain in charge of the municipality and therefore the land. The newly formed Palestinian State would pay taxes to the Israeli municipality in order to have authority over education in the city for Palestinians.
  1. The status quo at the holy sites will remain and Jewish Israelis will not be allowed to buy Palestinian houses and vice versa. 
  1. Egypt will offer the new Palestinian State land to build an airport, factories and for agriculture which will service the Gaza Strip. Palestinians will not be permitted to live on this land.
  1. A highway would be built to connect the Gaza Strip to the West Bank 30 meters above Israel. Funding for the project will mainly come from China, which will pay 50% of the cost, with South Korea, Australia, Canada, the US and EU each paying 10%. 

Deal sponsors:

  1. According to the leak, the United States, European Union and Gulf states would fund and sponsor the deal for five years to establish the State of  Palestine.”
  1. This would be at a cost of $6 billion a year ($30 billion over a five-year period); the majority of which 70% would be paid by Gulf States with the United States contributing 20% ($6 billion) and the European Union 10% ($3 billion). 
  1. “New Palestine” would not be allowed to form an army but could maintain a police force. Instead, a defense agreement will be signed between Israel and the “New Palestine” in which Israel would defend the new state (Palestine) from any foreign attacks.
  1. Upon signing the agreement, Hamas will hand over all its weapons to Egypt.

  2. The movement’s leaders would be compensated and paid salaries by Arab states while a government is established. 
  1. Elections are expected to be held within one year of the establishment of the “New Palestine” state.
  1. All borders between the Gaza Strip, Egypt, and Israel would remain open to people and goods and Palestinians would be able to use Israeli air and seaports.
  1. “New Palestine” will have two crossings into Jordan, which will be under the control of the authorities in the “New Palestine”.
  2. The Jordan Valley will remain in Israel’s hands and a four-lane toll road will be built through it.


  • If Hamas or any Palestinian bodies refuse this deal, the United States will cancel all of its financial support to the Palestinians and pressure other countries to do the same.
  • If, on the other hand, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas signs the deal but Hamas and Islamic Jihad do not agree to it, a war would be waged on the Gaza Strip with the full backing of the United States.

  • However, if Israel refuses the deal the US would cease its financial support. The United States currently pays $3.8 billion a year to support Israel.

From a scriptural standpoint (Genesis 13:15) if the published leaks attributed to documents being circulated by the Israeli Foreign Ministry are valid, then the fallout among evangelical supporters in the United States will be colossal. This imaginary “peace plan” is not only staggeringly naïve but beyond preposterous. If the President, with his Middle East advisors, was purposely trying to marginalize his substantial support among ecumenical leaders this ill-conceived “peace plan” will undoubtedly achieve the goal to alienate this essential voting bloc.


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While Mr. Greenblatt and Kushner may have laudable intentions, the inevitable failure of this disastrous plan will leave many with feelings of betrayal and gamesmanship we have come to expect from “politicians” for decades. Please Mr. President, stop this dead in it tracks and retain the goodwill that was gained by recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel followed by your courage and leadership in moving our embassy to the “Golden City” of the Lord of Host.


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Jim Stockstill [May 17, 2019]

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