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U.S. NEWS ELECTION 2020 Disengagement Equals Capitulation

Disengagement Equals Capitulation

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By John Miltenberger


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“We have no divine mandate that this America will remain our country, and we too could find ourselves and our country in the dustbin of history, just like so many other might-have-beens. If so, the blame for all of it will rest squarely on the shoulders of the only ones who knew right from wrong – Christians.”


[dropcap]F[/dropcap]or many decades I stayed away from any interest in politics, because whenever I studied how the politically astute conducted business I would become enraged at their sheer arrogance, and their complete disregard for average people, who they viewed as 20th century peons.

Sometime in my teenage years I realized with unusual clarity, that both of our political parties were corrupt to the core, and found the realization very upsetting. Consequently, and additionally because most of my peers didn’t care one whit about the topic, I dropped out.

And frankly, for decades I found it more peaceful for me, at least temporarily, to have no interest, but as the protesters used to say about the Vietnam War, “What if they threw a war and nobody came?” Through decades of reflection, I see now that the only real answer to that question has to be, “The war will come to you.” I am now sure that this answer applies more accurately to politics, and only the ignorant, or willfully stupid people don’t know it.

In the critical election of 2016, millions, perhaps tens of millions of registered voters did not vote – and I’m strictly referring to those calling themselves “Christians”. Consequently, I find it fitting to echo many others who have been crying “Wolf!”, now largely unheard, by saying the biggest problem in the so-called “Church” in this country, and perhaps some others, is that we have managed to wedge our religious heads where they don’t belong – for decades, and we’ve grown too tired of the warnings to listen. The longer our heads remain in dark places, the darker those places will become. And that’s what I’m seeing today in America.

Jesus came to restore the family of God to the Father, and was willing to sacrifice Himself to start things in motion. It should be noted that one of the first three institutions that was put in place by the Father at Creation was GOVERNMENT, and yet His children, chosen from before the world began, have shied away from His mandate to rule the earth. And by ‘government’, I mean the practicing of such, which is called politics. I would add that if Christians can’t rule the earth now, what sane child of God should expect to rule in the next?

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Christ came to ‘undo the works of the devil’, and it’s in His nature to take the fight to the gates of the enemy, rather than simply to “occupy” until His return, and we, in turn, have been given the same assignment, as Christ’s body on the earth. Ultimately, there is no victory except by offensive warfare, but we are so tied up into ourselves we never even make it to the battlefield, (or apparently the ballet boxes) much of the time. But while we dither, the enemy is tearing us apart, and just might finally succeed in tearing us out of this country if he remains left unattended, for you see, he’s taking to war to us.

We have no divine mandate that this America will remain our country, and we too could find ourselves and our country in the dustbin of history, just like so many other might-have-beens. If so, the blame for all of it will rest squarely on the shoulders of the only ones who knew right from wrong – Christians.

Sure politics is dirty, and it’s that way because too many good men and women of God’s family have dropped out and allowed the pagans to rule. Sinners sin; it’s no mystery.

Perhaps we could admit that nobody wants a dirty job when they can be so easily avoided, but It makes me wonder if we only have the freedom to drop out because Christ did not.

If God’s people continue down the road of disengagement so many have chosen, we will eventually find that we have capitulated to the unsaved, our mandate to rule. I am hoping that some of the on-fire young Christians of the twenty-something generation, will pay attention to the call of God upon their lives to invest themselves in serving Him through politics. You can be sure of this…it is a calling rather than just a job.

If we can’t get our heads out of the sand (I’m being nice), we might be less than two generations away from speaking Chinese or Russian, and you can take that to the bank.


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John Miltenberger
John Miltenberger is a Christian blogger, visit John on his site: The Trip So Far נבחר על ידי רצונו של אלוהים להיות בנו המאומץ


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