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BOOM! The Democrat ‘Manifesto’ of Destroy Trump is Imploding Fast – the Final Nail in Pelosi & Schiff’s Coffin?


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By Greg Holt

When the whole Trump/Russia collusion hoax did not hold water, Pelosi and Schiff moved on to the Ukraine hoax.  The whole idea that Trump wanted to exact a “quid pro quo” from Ukraine in return for aid to Ukraine is unraveling fast.  Meanwhile, there is also substantial evidence of wrongdoing by the Bidens among others, (including Adam Schiff) in Ukraine. (True Conservative Pundit)

From One America News:

“American people are sick of this impeachment…,” “they’re in a walk-away movement, they want this to stop, we absolutely have to stop the impeachment.”

“They need to stop this coup, they don’t want to answer the questions, they don’t want to know nothing, they don’t even want to talk to you. Why do we pay these people to – run our country?”

“I don’t think they should have started it, and I don’t think they should continue, quite frankly I think it is dividing the country, I think it’s hurting actually the Democrats.”

“They’ve not come up with a thing, there is no evidence of wrongdoing, no quid pro quo, I don’t know what they are looking for, they’ll never find it.”

After reading the above quotes, one would surmise that these are quoted statements from Republicans.  After all, Democrats would not talk about – well, fellow Democrats in this way right?


These people are all Democrats, and they were all at various Democrat town hall meetings.  Seems like even Democrats are getting fed up with fellow Democrat Adam shifty Schiff’s impeachment circus antics.

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Earlier this week in an article written by Jeff Crouere, “Impeachment is Destroying the Democrats,” Jeff noted that:

“The goal of the House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and other Democratic Party leaders in the U.S. House of Representatives has been to use the impeachment inquiry to destroy President Donald Trump. They hope to impeach him, followed by conviction and removal from the U.S. Senate. Otherwise, they believe he will be so politically damaged that he will resign before the next election. Ironically, the exact opposite political result is occurring.”

“Evidence shows that Democrats should be worried, not celebrating. The American people are tiring of the Democratic Party’s political antics. It seems the party’s obsession with destroying President Donald Trump may backfire on them in the 2020 election.”

It would seem so now wouldn’t it?  Unless of course one is a Democrat in office, they apparently are too thick to comprehend the damage they are doing to their own party and constituents, let alone the country as a whole; or they simply do not care.  The entire Democrat “manifesto” consists of one thing, and one thing only, and that is – destroy Donald Trump by any means necessary.

Last week I wrote that, According to The New York Times, FBI ‘Resistance’ Lawyer Under Criminal Investigation for Fabricating Carter Page FISA Documents.  So not only was the original document that started this witch-hunt (the Steele Dossier) a fabricated piece of fantasy, the supporting documents that provided for an extension of the infamous Carter Page FISA warrant were fudged.

“So Clinesmith it would appear, deliberately fudged documents used to obtain (extend) a FISA surveillance warrant(s).  This fact in itself is alarming, but the type of warrant obtained makes this a whole lot more serious.

More from the Conservative Treehouse:

‘they didn’t just get a ‘wiretap’, they got a Title-1 FISA authorized surveillance warrant; the most extensive and intrusive form of surveillance warrant possible. A Title-1 warrant allows any and all surveillance. Wiretaps, bugs, electronic surveillance, physical surveillance, the works. A Title-1 warrant is used against suspected terrorists in the U.S.’”

In other words, along with no evidence being found by Robert Mueller’s witch-hunt, and the Steele Dossier being a fabricated piece of trash written by clowns (FISA Warrant Bombshell: Bruce Ohr Warned DOJ and FBI That Steele Dossier was Unverified and Paid for by Clinton), now there is evidence of supporting FISA warrant documents being fabricated.

Related: Declassified: Timeline of Alleged Democrat-Ukrainian Meddling in 2016 Election

When the whole Trump/Russia collusion hoax did not hold water, Pelosi and Schiff moved on to the Ukraine hoax.  The whole idea that Trump wanted to exact a “quid pro quo” from Ukraine in return for aid to Ukraine is unraveling fast.  Meanwhile, there is also substantial evidence of wrongdoing by the Bidens among others, (including Adam Schiff) in Ukraine.

In a recent article about The Associated Press being called out for fake news by CNN (the pot calling the kettle black), I noted that:

“Funny how there is plenty of evidence to open a serious investigation into the Bidens and the John Kerry family concerning Ukraine – but the Democrats have zero interest.

No, the Democrats would rather operate a political circus headed up by a low intelligence moron, receiving the testimony of people who did not even have direct knowledge of the Ukrainian phone call with Trump – in order to frame and bring down the Deep State’s biggest enemy.”

And of course that enemy is none other then Donald Trump, the Democrats worst nightmare.

So, while the Democrats are attempting (through Adam shifty Schiff’s impeachment circus) to pin nonexistent crimes on President Trump relating to Ukraine, there are actual crimes that were committed by Democrats!  Standard Saul Alinsky tactics, accuse your opponents of exactly what you yourself have done.  Only this game is beginning to blow up in the Democrats faces.

A couple of weeks ago, I reported (Uh Oh – Leaked Ukrainian Documents Show Millions of Dollars Funneled to Hunter Biden and John Kerry’s Family) on the fact that the Bidens and the John Kerry family were (are) involved in illegal activities in and concerning Ukraine.

The Gateway Pundit is now reporting new information on the Ukraine situation – and it does not look good for Hunter Biden and his daddy’s campaign, not to mention the John Kerry family.

In leaked documents reportedly via the Ukrainian General Prosecutor’s office:

Millions of dollars was transferred to a ‘slush fund’ controlled by Hunter Biden and the John Kerry family among others.”


“So where I might ask is the righteous indignation, where are the leaders of the Democrat Party?  Adam Schiff and/or Nancy Pelosi have done nothing; there is no investigation into this rather serious matter.  According to Nancy, this is all above board and is being done to protect the Constitution and blah, blah, blah.  But yet even with plenty of serious evidence of wrongdoing, there remains no ‘inquiry’ into the Bidens or other players in the largest soft coup attempt ever in the history of the United States.

Why is that?

Because this is all about politics and destroying Trump, regardless of the cost to country or anyone in this great country, contrary to Pelosi’s utterly asinine and untrue statement.

“‘Democrats are showing great patriotism,’ Pelosi, D-Calif., said Thursday, praising Schiff, D-Calif., for his ‘dignity and statesmanship.’ ‘This isn’t about politics or anything political, it’s about patriotism, it’s about honoring our oath of office, and upholding the Constitution.’” (Source)

Patriotism???  Oh please get serious, Pelosi and her cabal would not know what patriotism is if it testified before Congress.  Pelosi and Schiff and the other members of the Leftist cabal have no problem whatsoever with looking right into the camera, or We the People’s eyes – and spouting Leftist propaganda and telling blatant lies.

The Left’s only interest is the destruction of Donald J. Trump.  This is blatantly obvious to all who can claim to rub together more than two brain cells.”

In a recent article by Kelleigh Nelson (Adam Schiff Connected to Companies Named in Ukraine Corruption Scandal – While Presiding Over Trump Impeachment Circus!), she notes that:

“The destruction of Donald Trump must be accomplished by the globalist establishment elitists who know that Hillary’s loss hung an albatross around the necks of those who want to destroy this nation’s liberties.  They continue their fight against the man who won and the people who supported him, those people who, with our President, love freedom.

The socialist (read that communist) left and many of those on the right who masquerade as conservatives hate Donald Trump.  Both former Bush presidents willingly voted for the democratic socialist, Hillary Clinton.  The left has baselessly spent three years accusing our President of everything from being a Russian mole to obstructing justice.”


Kelleigh further reports:

“In my October article, Ukrainian Corruption is Socially Acceptable Democratic Privilege, I mentioned that in 2013 Ukrainian Igor Pasternak held two different fund raisers for Rep. Adam Schiff asking for contributions between $1,000 and $2500.  Pelosi and Loretta Sanchez have also used Pasternak.  He is an arms dealer and has sold arms in places like Syria.  Of course, Pelosi’s son Paul is also connected to Ukraine, as I mentioned in another article, Politicians and Their Families Are Playing in The Corrupt Ukrainian Sandbox.

There’s more on Adam Schiff’s relationship with the Ukraine.  The Gateway Pundit has reported that according to CD Media, former Ukrainian official Oleksandr Onishchenko said Hunter Biden was receiving “off the books” payments from Burisma in the millions.  And earlier this month the chief of Burisma Holdings was indicted in Ukraine. He has gone missing.

Democrat Adam Schiff is linked to both US corporations named in the $7.4 BILLION corruption case.  Schiff is connected to both BlackRock and Franklin Templeton Investments, two companies that were named in the $7.4B Burisma/US-Ukraine corruption claim.”


The entirety of the Democrats attacks against Trump are; baseless, faulty, outright lies and falsehoods perpetuated by Democrat lackeys who passionately hate Trump.  The Democrats have accomplished nothing of note, except to attack Trump in every way possible.  This ongoing Ukraine investigation/impeachment circus is yet just another example of Democrat treachery.

Nothing is open and above board.  Schiff has conducted meetings behind closed doors, and declared the whistleblower to be off-limits.  Shifty Schiff even went so far as to threaten Republicans with an ethics investigation if they even brought up the whistleblower at the impeachment hearings.  An ethics investigation for merely doing their job?

If there was or is any legitimacy involved in what Adam Schiff and the Democrats are pursuing where Trump is concerned, then these proceedings would not only be conducted out in the open for all to see, but everything they are doing would be shouted from the rooftop of the capitol building with all of the press in attendance.

The Democrats are sadly a group of subversive, mean-spirited, and delusional anarchists that have set out to divide this country while ushering in socialism and the New World Order.


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