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According to The New York Times, FBI ‘Resistance’ Lawyer Under Criminal Investigation for Fabricating Carter Page FISA Documents


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By Greg Holt

“So Clinesmith it would appear, deliberately fudged documents used to obtain (extend) a FISA surveillance warrant(s).  This fact in itself is alarming, but the type of warrant obtained makes this a whole lot more serious.”  (True Conservative Pundit)


The New York Times has named the ‘low-level lawyer’ that allegedly fabricated documents pertaining to the renewal of the Carter Page FISA surveillance warrants.

Kevin Clinesmith, who worked on the Hillary Clinton email investigation as well as the Russia probe, was also a member of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s team.  Clinesmith also interviewed Trump campaign advisor George Papadopoulos.

Clinesmith worked on the Hillary email investigation, and said investigation was under the purview of James Comey – who of course exonerated Hillary, despite there having been plenty of evidence of criminal wrongdoing.  This is not even disputable: classified documents on a home-brewed server, smashing of cell phones, deleting emails, scrubbing hard drives (bleach bit) etc.

During the Mueller investigation (which was remember staffed with mostly Democrats and or those whose “sympathies” lay with Hillary Clinton), Mr. Clinesmith is again a member of the team.  And low and behold – but who is Clinesmith’s direct supervisor at this time?

Former FBI supervisory agent Peter Strzok.

The alarm bells should be going off long and loud.

Adding to all of this is the fact that Clinesmith showed a bias against Donald Trump, exemplified in his text messages concerning Trump.

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From Zero Hedge:

“Clinesmith, a 37-year-old graduate of Georgetown Law, ‘took an email from an official at another federal agency that contained several factual assertions, then added material to the bottom that looked like another assertion from the email’s author, when it was instead his own understanding,’ according to the report.

Mr. Clinesmith included this altered email in a package that he compiled for another F.B.I. official to read in preparation for signing an affidavit that would be submitted to the court attesting to the facts and analysis in the wiretap application.

The details of the email are apparently classified and may not be made public even when the report is unveiled. –New York Times

Clinesmith, after having been investigated by DOJ Inspector General Michael Horrowitz’s office, resigned.  Mr. Horrowitz then sent a criminal referral to US Attorney John Durham who is in charge of investigating the circumstances surrounding the 2016 presidential election (Obama DOJ).

Concerning Clinesmith, the Conservative Treehouse notes:

(1) While Clinesmith, as a normal function of his FBI job, did not report to Peter Strzok, when the teams were assembled for MYE, Crossfire Hurricane, and Robert Mueller investigation, Clinesmith DID work directly for Peter Strzok.  When the teams were selected, Kevin Clinesmith reported to Peter Strzok.  Therefore when the inappropriate behavior was identified; and when the action of manipulating FISA evidence was done; Kevin Clinesmith was reporting directly to FBI supervisory agent Peter Strzok.

(2) Kevin Clinesmith remained in the FBI during the entirety of the Horowitz investigation. He was not released until the investigation was complete and the draft report was submitted.  So the FBI knew they had a problem with Clinesmith back in February of 2018 and he was allowed to continue work until September of this year. It would seem obvious he was being monitored.

(3) Clinesmith’s status during the investigation aligns with another Main Justice employee also connected to the FISA process who was similarly in position throughout and also left in September 2019.  That would be Tashina Guahar.

So Clinesmith it would appear, deliberately fudged documents used to obtain (extend) a FISA surveillance warrant(s).  This fact in itself is alarming, but the type of warrant obtained makes this a whole lot more serious.

More from the Conservative Treehouse:

“they didn’t just get a ‘wiretap’, they got a Title-1 FISA authorized surveillance warrant; the most extensive and intrusive form of surveillance warrant possible. A Title-1 warrant allows any and all surveillance. Wiretaps, bugs, electronic surveillance, physical surveillance, the works. A Title-1 warrant is used against suspected terrorists in the U.S.”

“Used against suspected terrorists in the U.S.” – and was authorized for use against a Trump campaign aid. This is in my opinion a severely egregious misuse of this warrant and it’s intended purposes, as well as a high-level criminal offense.

According to the Washington Post:

“The Justice Department inspector general has found evidence that an FBI employee may have altered a document connected to court-approved surveillance of a former Trump campaign adviser, but has concluded that the conduct did not affect the overall validity of the surveillance application, according to U.S. officials familiar with the matter.”

And via The New York Times:

“Mr. Trump’s allies have complained about how the Justice Department used information from the Steele dossier in the wiretap applications. Along with evidence from other sources, the filings cited some information from Mr. Steele’s dossier about meetings that Mr. Page was rumored to have had with Kremlin representatives during a trip to Russia that year.

Still, people familiar with questions asked by Mr. Horowitz’s investigators have suggested that he is likely to conclude that the filings exaggerated Mr. Steele’s track record in terms of the amount of value that the F.B.I. derived from information he supplied in previous investigations. The court filings in the Page wiretap application said his material was ‘used in criminal proceedings,’ but it was never part of an affidavit, search warrant or courtroom evidence.”

So the idea being presented here is that Mr. Horowitz’s (office) opinion, allegedly, is that the Clinesmith altered document(s) have little bearing on the renewal of the FISA warrant.  And that Mr. Steel’s infamous dossier also has minimal influence in the FBI’s obtaining a warrant to spy on an American citizen – a warrant that is basically classified as a “no holds barred” warrant, and is used against terrorists.

This writer is no attorney, but Mr. Horowitz’s (alleged) conclusions here are in my opinion, categorically wrong.  The Steele dossier is in large part what ignited this whole affair in the first place.  So how is it that it has next to no importance in the FBI’s obtaining of the FISA warrant?  As for Mr. Clinesmith, he allegedly falsified a document, and said document was used as the basis (or part thereof) for another FBI agent’s decision to sign off on an extension of the FISA warrant used against Carter Page.  In other words: the falsified document was intended to sway the opinion of the official who had the power to sign the warrant, therefore legitimizing it for presentation to the FISA court for approval.

You have to ask yourself a question here: if the IG deemed Mr. Clinesmith’s falsified email document (as a part of the entire document presented to another FBI official) to be relatively unimportant – then why is this email document classified?

That all sounds pretty serious to me.  Opinion supposedly does not have any weight in these matters – but anyone with even a modicum of common sense knows that this is not true.  There is also plenty of evidence of serious wrongdoing at every level of this entire so-called investigation into Trump/Russia collusion.  One would have to be an idiot not to see that opinion was used, and “facts” were altered or left out entirely in order to legitimize the pursuit of investigating (or rather the soft coup attempt against Trump) Trump and company.

Trump and his staff, advisors, attorneys, etc. may not have it all right, and undoubtedly have some bias concerning their own interests.  Then again, so do all the rest of us, this is normal human nature.  But there is more than sufficient evidence to warrant investigation into all of this, and likely criminal prosecution.

It is also plain to see the manipulation of opinion by the media to make Trump and company all look guilty.

The perfect example is Politifact’s obvious spinning of the facts surrounding the makeup of Mueller’s team, and Trump’s assertions concerning said team.  Trump had tweeted that there were zero Republicans on the team.  Politifact stated that Robert Mueller was a registered Republican.  So what???  Mueller also had as previously noted mostly Democrats on his staff, and most of said staff had an obvious agenda against Trump.

The Mueller investigation was over two years long, cost over 25 million dollars – and taken as a whole was obviously a witch-hunt.  This was an investigation in search of a crime.

Bottom line?  All those involved in the illegal investigation of Donald Trump, and the subsequent soft coup attempt against him need to be investigated.  Some people need to be fired, and some need to go to jail. Justice needs to done here to prevent this kind of thing from ever happening again.  Parts of the U.S. government were weaponized against Donald Trump.  Those in the FBI, DOJ, and yes Congress as well; that were involved in this fiasco need to be punished.  Congress members need to be removed from office.

It needs to be made abundantly clear that regardless of party affiliation – these kinds of actions and behaviors will not be tolerated.

Not to mention the little fact that these things are illegal.

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  1. The swamp seems to be more than willing to throw this guy under the bus in the hopes of protecting the real conspirators–COMEY, STRZOK, and the many others who gladly used the warrant to enforce their will on the American people..I say get out the rope and hang ANYONE complicit in this illegal activity.

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