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U.S. NEWSELECTION 2020America as a Globalist Nation Under Hillary Clinton Without Sovereignty Was a...

America as a Globalist Nation Under Hillary Clinton Without Sovereignty Was a Done Deal – Enter Donald Trump

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By Lyle Rapacki


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“The plan to finish the collapse of America begun after Reagan left office, and sped-up under Obama. But the “fix” was in and the deal was sealed, and Hillary would escalate America being ushered into the New-World Order.”


[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he video below provides a sobering recount of events since the election of Donald Trump as President, and gives insight as to why he was asked to run for the presidency initially.   Not a long report but quite sobering as I already stated; not a “conspiracy theory” presentation but a clear and concise overview as to the conspiracy and Coup launched by globalists who were well on their way to collapsing the United States into the New-World Order, a global community where national sovereignty no longer exists, and a centralized world government is paramount.  In this global community America would have a president in name only but nothing close to what our Founders gave us as a gift in creating this Republic named the United States of America.

Over the past four years those of us who have penned commentary, reports, and articles decrying the coordinated, nefarious, diabolical, and quite sophisticated attack upon America’s founding principles and values, forever meaning to alter and abolish the Constitution of the United States, our unique form of government, our culture and our Judeo-Christian heritage…we have been sounding warnings that truly evil people have risen to key positions of authority within our American government, but who have NO intention to protect the gift our Forefathers gave us; NO intention to protect the citizens of this exceptional nation; NO intention to even represent the governed who placed them into office and those in high office swore an oath to serve and protect!  NO…over a number of years dating back to President Ronald Reagan, a steady flow of globalists have been invited into offices across our government with a purpose to realign America into simply another country within the global community.  Terribly difficult to accept, but evidence continues to mount demonstrating the truth in that statement.

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The election of Donald Trump was never to happen!  The plan was so smugly in place that Hillary Clinton, and associates, made verbal agreements to those chosen for key federal offices including the Supreme Court. The votes had already been counted prior to ballots even cast (and this fact has been borne-out multiple times publicly, and is a serious concern for the elections coming in 2020).  The plan to finish the collapse of America begun after Reagan left office, and sped-up under Obama, and was so far advanced that Hillary curtailed her campaigning during the last couple of weeks leading up to the actual election (of course there were serious medical issues she was facing, and still present).  But the “fix” was in and the deal was sealed, and Hillary would escalate America being ushered into the New-World Order.  Out with America’s founding principles, as I already mentioned.

By God’s Grace, America was preserved from a calamity of horrendous proportions even difficult to write about.  By God’s Grace, America was given a window of opportunity to bring herself around and realign with the founding covenants and principles conceived by our Forefathers and memorialized in writing.  Please go to Amazon Books and order the 27-page booklet: “Our Forefathers Truly Appealed to Heaven”  $10.

So…sit back and prepare yourself to watch this short and to the point video providing a very keen overview to the dark events having taken place; yet in plain sight, as America was intentionally being driven into a calamity of no return – But God!

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